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Build 1


Windows XULRunner failures

Both Windows XULRunner builds are still broken due to bug 1138990 and bug 1138922.

Mac repack failure

Chunk 10 timed out cloning an l10n repo. Massimo retriggered the job.

Win64 update verify failures

All chunks failing, filed bug 1140390. We missed win64 support in one of the update verify scripts. Landed the fix from the bug and retagged tools with FIREFOX_37_0b3_{BUILD1,RELEASE}_RUNTIME and rebuilt the failed jobs.

Antivirus failure

AV scan failed due to bug 848351:

Command failed for the following files:
command: ERROR
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/builds/slave/rel-m-beta-av-0000000000000000/scripts/lib/python/util/", line 51, in run_cmd
    return subprocess.check_call(cmd, **kwargs)
  File "/tools/python27/lib/python2.7/", line 511, in check_call
    raise CalledProcessError(retcode, cmd)
CalledProcessError: Command '['ssh', '-l', 'ffxbld', '-i', '/home/cltbld/.ssh/ffxbld_rsa', '', 'nice', 'ionice', '-c2', '-n7', '', '-j2', 'clamdscan', '-m', '--no-summary', '--', '/pub/']' returned non-zero exit status 1
command: END (7496.81s elapsed)

To kick the schedulers along, did the following:

  • Logged onto bm81
  • Opened a connection to the buildbot scheduler db:
mysql -u buildbot -p -h buildbot_schedulers
  • Ran the following SQL:
update schedulers set state='{"remainingBuilders": [], "upstreamBuilders": ["release-mozilla-beta-antivirus"], "lastReset": 1425610689.900473, "lastCheck": 1425610689.900473}' where name='release-mozilla-beta-av_done';

Deal with missing win64 files in bouncer

Two checks failed:

  • There was no stub installer win64 (it's not clear whether or not this is intentional). The uptake check schedulers got hung up because of this. To work around, changed the win64 stub installer location in bouncer to point at win32.
  • Then I discovered that there was no 37.0b1-37.0b3 partial for win64. To work around that, used "force build" to start "almost ready for release", "ready for releasetest testing" and "final verification" builders.