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Firefox 37.0.2 Test Plan

QE recommendation regarding the quality of the build

Recommendation based on results from manual testing CONDITIONAL SIGN OFF (feels unstable)

Risks with this build and actions to mitigate them through testing

  • Verify fixes driving this release
    • bug 1153381 VERIFIED: WebGL Google Maps rendering issues
      • Verified by Jeff Muizelaar
    • bug 1151361 NO VERIFY: Startup crashes
      • not verified - asked reporter to verify, and will also need crash data to confirm
  • Verify Ride Along fixes in the build
    • bug 1151721 NO VERIFY: DXVA Blacklisting for Intel drivers
      • not verified - could not test by spoofing graphics data - asked for more information
    • bug 1137716 NO VERIFY: Dual GPU startup crash
      • not verified - cannot verify manually; will need crash data to confirm
    • bug 1141081 NO VERIFY: Crashes
      • not verified - no steps for manual verification, will need crash data to confirm
  • Additional testing
    • 1. General Web Compatibility
      • Testing to ensure that major web sites still work without issues
      • Will be covered by Sanity testing
    • 2. WebGL
      • Several graphics fixes that landed in the build
      • Testing to ensure the fixes did not cause any new regressions in graphics
      • Will be covered by Sanity testing on WebGL Games, Animations, and Maps


Bug Summary

  • New bugs
Full Query
ID Summary Status Resolution
1155138 Hang while playing 2 flash videos RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1155148 hang | ntdll.dll@0x20159 RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1155166 crash in mozilla::net::CacheFileChunk::~CacheFileChunk() - shutdownhang | msvcr120.dll@0x345ac RESOLVED WONTFIX
1155187 Out of memory with Jenga webgl game RESOLVED INVALID
1155192 crash in pulse-shm-3426411034@0x14d33c9 RESOLVED INCOMPLETE

5 Total; 0 Open (0%); 5 Resolved (100%); 0 Verified (0%);

  • New bugs to this Build
  • Known Issues
Full Query
ID Summary Status Resolution
827042 [Regression Firefox v17 -> v18] Flash video stop playing if the context menu is visible RESOLVED WONTFIX
942130 360p max resolution for WebM HTML5 Videos on Youtube RESOLVED DUPLICATE
947079 Passive mixed content indicator (grey triangle) shows up on full HTTPS sites that have no mixed content RESOLVED FIXED
1069940 Intermittent browser_600545.js | uncaught exception - NS_ERROR_XPC_BAD_CONVERT_NATIVE: at :0 RESOLVED WORKSFORME
1096357 "Unable to run script because scripts are blocked internally" JS error appear in browser console while browsing facebook and youtube on MacOS RESOLVED INCOMPLETE
1113647 crash in @0x0 | RESOLVED WORKSFORME
1135055 [Youtube][HTML5] "Default view"/"Theater mode" works incorrectly after using Next/Previous from Full screen NEW
1143988 Make YouTube 360° videos work well RESOLVED WORKSFORME

8 Total; 1 Open (12.5%); 7 Resolved (87.5%); 0 Verified (0%);

Exploratory Testing

  • Testing is performed around areas most affected by fixes since the previous Beta (in cases when there are no Regression tests to cover these areas, or those tests have already been run as part of the Full Beta Regression set)
Platform Assignee Result: report
Windows 7 64-bit (GPU: Intel HD 2500) Camelia Badau [AT RISK]
Windows 8.1 32-bit (GPU: AMD Radeon HD 5450) Catalin Varga [AT RISK]
Mac OS X 10.9.5 (GPU: Intel Iris Pro 1024 MB) Petruta Rasa [AT RISK]
Ubuntu 14.04 32-bit (GPU: AMD Radeon HD 3000) Vasilica Mihasca [AT RISK]
Tested Area Testing Type Results (report)
Web Compatibility Sanity testing CONDITIONAL PASS (crashes/hangs)
WebGL Sanity testing CONDITIONAL PASS (crashes/hangs)

Status tags

  • [NOT STARTED] - {{mnotstarted}} - little or no work has started on this task
  • [ON TRACK] - {{mok}} - task is actively being worked on and those assigned feel comfortable and confident in the quality of the build.
  • [DONE] - {{mdone}} - task is completed and those assigned feel comfortable and confident in the quality of the build.
  • [AT RISK] - {{mrisk}}- blocking bug / high number of bugs / other confidence-shakers makes us feel not comfortable with the quality of the build.
  • [IN PROGRESS] - {{mprog}} - actively being tested on
  • [INVESTIGATION NEEDED] - {{minvest}} - more investigation needed