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Build 1


Ship-it issues

  • initial partial list '38.0build3,38.0build2,38.0build1,38.0b9build1'
  • got no notification of release-runner failure, bug 1149316
  • failed the 'partial existence' check for 38.0 build1, because that build did not get far at all. Removed it and marked Ready in ship-it
  • New error from release-runner:
ERROR : Requested file, firefox-38.0.complete.mar, does not exist on Check again, or use -b to bypass
  • this is valid, we didn't build win64 for 38.0. We should be ignoring it here and at build time, see bug 1163465. See also bug 1163463
    • trimmed partial list to just 38.0b9build1 and marked Ready
  • bm85 had a slave which was not responding to network, which blocked the reconfig. By the time that was cleared the CSRF for posting to ship-it had expired, bug 1163472. We ended up with a bogus status in ship-it, which lead to bug 1163649. See that bug for fix details.

Build 2


CDN work around

Instead of purging, on stage.m.o

rm -rf 38.0.5b1
ln -s 38.0.5b1 38.0.5b1-2

In bounceradmin, for all locations with "38.0.5b1" pattern replaces "38.0.5b1" with "38.0.5b1-2"