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Firefox and Fennec 38.0


Build 1

build 1 cancelled as bug 1142619#c3 had not beet taken care of

Build 2

Build 3

Publish in Balrog

  • pushed before ready, caused AUS outage
  • pulled back in Balrog to correct outage
  • pushed again after ready, all good

Set up whatsnew page

We need to remove the 'actions' and 'openURL' to remove the whatsnew after updates. Updating the blob doesn't work due to bug 1162874, so Firefox-38.0-build3 was deleted and resubmitted.

Push to mirrors

Also needed to remove rule for release-cdntest which was showing a whatsnew for these locales: en-US,en-GB,de,pt-BR,id,fr,es-ES,es-MX


Also removed the rule for locales on release (as above), since that results in removing the whatsnew page for those locales for the short time before the push to 38.0 is done.

EME free repack

The DRM blog post was pointing to

which is build2, and not a CDN. Copied files into 38.0 releases dir

# ffxbld@stage
cd /pub/
rsync -av candidates/38.0-candidates/build3/partner-repacks/EME-free/win32/ releases/38.0/win32-EME-free/

Requested blog be changed to