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Build 1


Manually run "ready for cdntest" and "final verification" builder-

These didn't fire automatically because the TriggerBouncerCheck scheduler was waiting for a non-existent 37.0build2 -> 38.0b1 win64 partial. They may also be blocked on a non-existant win64 stub installer.

Don't ship to RTL locales

Due to bug 1150021, we don't want to ship 38 to RTL locales. Accomplished by:

  • set up test rule on beta-cdntest at higher priority
  • verfified that worked
  • added rule for beta

Additional post balrog steps needed

  • delete beta rule targetting WINNT_x86_64-msvc from 37 RC
  • delete beta-cdntest rule for RTL to not block 38 b2


Build 1


release-sanity failure

A nightly line in the mozconfig was caught by release-sanity, talked with nalexander and added it to the whitelist. bug 1149311 has the patch.