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Build 1


  • antivirus failed due to intermittent downloading issue - retriggered it.
  • antivirus failed three times in a row - I followed up with a comment in bug 1248299
  • update_verify_esr_6/6 on linux64/linux/macosx failed yet again with "binary files found in diff" as in bug 1241951 back in 44.0-build2 - retriggered the builder, will follow-up with more information. Filed bug 1253185 to track these.
  • Softvision had some issues with esr-cdntest, attempted fix at described here
  • had to update release rules so that Firefox-38.6.1esr-build1-whatsnew points to 38.7.0.
  • we forgot to do postrelease until March 13th