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In weeks that have multiple Firefox betas we generally do not build a second Fennec beta alongside it. Pay careful attention to the go to build given to make sure you do the right thing.


  • failed at firefox_beta_updates on update_verify
  • failed at repack_9/10 on win64
    • resolution: was a slow slave and timed out in configure step. nick re-ran this builder
  • [fennec only] bouncer submission and post-release steps failed
  • update_verify_beta_3/6 failed for Firefox 41.0b2 build1 on win32 <- hung for 10 hours
    • resolution: rebuild because it slave was in bad condition (couldn't delete previous file artifacts)
    • further action: always sanity check that there is a "ready to ship to the beta channel" email after relman asks for 'push to beta channel'