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beta 10 build1

release biuld 1

Failed to compile :(

release build 2

Hit bug 1219581 (Fennec 42 RC uses wrong channel and branding) due to wrong changeset submitted to ship-it.

release build 3


Release build1

Release build 2


  • release runner failed in release sanity. Fixed by Merged to production.
  • failures in linux repacks (1x 64bit - bn-IN, 3x 32bit - an, nb-NO, uk) - looks like truncated complete mars again. Recover with standalone_repack and repack_complete
  • bug 1218763 - Antivirus should retry on SSLError. Failed multiple times. Running on a loaner builder with the patch applied locally.
  • A lot of AUS 503 errors.
  • bug 1218914 - Add win64 bouncer configs
  • bug 1219424 - Win64 [beta] updates failing due to bouncer entries missing for w64. Deleted all products from bouncer and reran the script with patches from bug 1218914 from a buildslave.
  • push to mirrors fails because of bug 1220641 - Push to mirrors prefix is too greedy. Ran push to mirrors on a loaner and force final verification.
  • latest "link" wasn't updated:, asked oremj to copy files over.