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beta 10 build1

release build 1


Release build 1


  • l10n tagging failed because of: "Bug 1226276 - l10n taggging fails when running 'hg branches' against clean checkout of certain locale repos"
    • status: resolved with manual kicking
    • POA: update hg or clean bloated locale repos
  • truncated mar files for win32 (1 locale), and mac (2 locales). standalone_repack and repack_complete to recover
  • win64 build got a slave without a .ssh/known_hosts and upload failed. Rebuilt it, bad slave was still disconnecting. Rebuilt it again
  • many update_verify (non linux case) and antivirus jobs failed because of an intermittent network failure downling bits from s3. manually re-triggered.
  • Removed "actions" and "openURL" from the release blob in Balrog. They were automatically added because of
  • Fennec 43.0.1 (one-off build) was started before we ran push to mirros. Had to manually push files using a slave.