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Build 1

Abandoned for fix to update packaging and display version.

Build 2



  • nthomas checked all 13 of the update verify failures for 45.0.1esr, and they all come from a Balrog config issue, and in turn to the overlap of ESR38 and ESR45. The failing updates start from ESR24/31/38, Balrog serves 38.7.1esr on esr-localtest, which applies OK but then we do a diff against 45.0.1esr. We'd probably have to use a separate channel to make this work.
  • we'll need a build2 because we're not fixing the update-settings.ini file when updating to 45.0.1esr, and get this diff for updated vs installer:
diff -r source/firefox/update-settings.ini target/firefox/update-settings.ini
< ACCEPTED_MAR_CHANNEL_IDS=firefox-mozilla-release
> ACCEPTED_MAR_CHANNEL_IDS=firefox-mozilla-esr
Handled in bug 1255245 ESR45 generates mar files with the wrong channel ID
  • intermittent antivirus failures bug 1248299 Frequent antivirus job failures with IncompleteRead after several retries. Jordan and nthomas fixed the failures
  • display version shows up at 45.0 because we're not bumping version_display.txt, bug 1257230


  • nthomas cancelled builds, source, and tag_l10n after reading the graph for esr45 repo incorrectly, and thinking the fix for update packaging had been missed. Jobs were restarted, no resulting scheduling problems
  • 13 update verify jobs failed, 4 each on mac/linux32/linux64 and 1 windows. Same issue as build1 where we're testing ESR24/31/38 but offering 38.7.1esr instead of 45.0.1esr. Going to ignore that for now. The 45.0esr --> 45.0.1esr updates are working
  • manually added win64 bouncer locations for bug 1254784
  • final_verification failed because updates were disabled when they ran, reran this job when they were enabled again