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Bugs Hit

Build Engineers

hwine - tracker bug 800423


First multi-master build

Build 1

  • reconfig landed and pushed
   $ python -f production-masters.json \
       -R scheduler -R build reconfig
  • dry run release sanity passed & sendchange done:
   (build_scheduler)[cltbld@buildbot-master36 master]$ PYTHONPATH=. python \
       ../tools/buildbot-helpers/ -u hwine -V 10.0.10esr \
       --branch comm-esr10 --build-number 1 \
       --release-config \
       --product thunderbird --bypass-mozconfig-check -l localhost:9301

L10N repacks

  • 3 mac repacks failed because moz2-darwin10-slave41's disk was almost full.
  • cleaned up some old releases (beta) and some build directories which can be recreated (*-verification)
  • rebuild chunks 2,4,5

Push Snips

  • smooth
   cd /opt/aus2/snippets/staging
   ~/bin/pushsnip Thunderbird-10.0.10esr-build1

Post Release

  • smooth after training on how to find a builder in multi-master world.