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Doing a release? Here's a list of things you should consider whether or not you need to do. Note that a chemspill requires the same steps as a regular release of the same type. Be sure to take notes on manual steps and any problems you encounter.

Bugs hit

  • l10n repacks failed due to mozconfigs -- patch
  • bug 800897 - bouncer returning ISE 500 errors after bug 800042

Build Engineers

rail - Tracking bug: bug 796968



Build 1

Preparing to start Automation

detailed instructions

# cltbld@buildbot-master32
echo "2" > /builds/buildbot/build1/master/reserved_slaves
  • landed configs, tagged, updated and reconfiged the master
  • sanity check
cd /builds/buildbot/build1/master
source ../bin/activate
PYTHONPATH=. python ../tools/buildbot-helpers/ -u rail -V 10.0.9esr \
    --branch comm-esr10 --build-number 1 \
    --release-config --products thunderbird  \
    --dryrun -l --bypass-mozconfig-check  localhost:9001
  • started automation

L10N Repacks

  • failed due to bad mozconfigs. Fixed by this patch. Landed, retagged, rebuilt (no reconfig required).

Reset reserved slaves

echo "0" > /builds/buildbot/build1/master/reserved_slaves


~/bin/pushsnip Thunderbird-10.0.9esr-build1

Update symlinks

cd /pub/
rm latest-10.0esr && ln -s 10.0.9esr latest-10.0esr