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Pre build 1

This release was initially started as "38.1.0esr", which was wrong. At Thunderbird Drivers request, we deleted the the 38.1.0esr-candidates directory to avoid confusion.

Build 1

Disable 38.0.1 -> 38.1.0 partials

These partials are broken (see bug 1181812 for details), and had to be disabled. To do so, downloaded the Thunderbird-38.1.0-build1 Balrog blob, stripped out all mentions of 38.0.1 partials from fileUrls and partial metadata, and re-uploaded.

Fix final verify

Final verify failed because it was still looking for 38.0.1 -> 38.1.0 partials. To fix, edited partials for that release out of the update verify configs, committed, retagged, pushed, and retriggered final verify: