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Build 1


build 1

  • win32 build step failed for Thunderbird 45.0b2 build1 - nthomas: "we needed to recreate AWS instances of windows builders, and this was collateral damage" - there was a windows slave outage in bug 1249499 so is probably related.
  • failed at repack_7/10 on win32 - release_repacks timed-out, retriggered.
  • failed at repack_7/10 on linux - intermittent cloning issue for mercurial due to some amazon certs. Automatic retry succeeded ~1h after
  • failed at repack_9/10 on win32 - two consecutive fails due to slaves dropping connection. I suspect it's a tail of the AWS windows builders instances recreation.
  • * failed at repack_2/10 on win32 - the same story as 9/10 win32