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Release Duty

  • FF 45 cycle: mtabara



Fennec 45.0b11 (nthomas/bhearsum/mtabara)

  • shipped and uploaded to Google Play
  • dev release notes here:
  • during the merge we accidentally uplifted beta to 46 in the geck_version.json so it picked up various changes related to android api-15 switch that are happening in aurora that eventually broke the mobile builds. The culprit patch was backed out while keeping the correct gecko_version changes here in bug 1243796 + reconfig to re-setup the right versions there. After m-a => m-b next week, we need to remember to re-apply these changes.

Firefox 45.0b10 (bhearsum/nick/mtabara)

Issues, Build 1:

  • release-runner bustage trying to reconfig the masters, which is fallout from adding esr45 configs but not setting up symlinks on the masters. This bug comment describes the master fix, then backed out changes in buildbot-configs, and marked the release ready in ship-it
  • macosx_build failed to clone tools with fingerprint error on s3 bundle host, auto retry
  • failed at repack_6/10 on win64: bash crashed build building a partial for id locale of win64, reran it
  • intermittent downloading issues with a complete mar
  • regular GTK3 known-issue errors


Firefox 45.0 (nthomas/bhearsum/mtabara)

  • current status: shipped RC to beta channel yesterday
  • dev release notes here:
  • one repack timeout and the usual GTK3 update_verify_beta errors
  • one mac update verify failure due to complete mar d/l failure, rerun was OK
  • beta_final_verification didn't run because the uptake check was blocked trying to find partials. This is the same as we had for 44.0.1. Unblocked by dropping files on archive.m.o

and forcing the start_uptake_check builder again. We didn't get the 'ready to realease on beta' email because of the gtk3 update failures

Firefox 45.0esr (mtabara/nthomas)

  • pending GTB tomorrow


  • (nthomas) is it worth fixing the bouncer check so that it knows what versions we have win64 for ?

Action items