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Warning signWarning: With effect from 1st September 2023, the Mozilla Reps program was closed and activities ended.

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Notes from the Mozilla Reps Council meeting on 2014/12/02 05:00:00 PM.



Outgoing Chair

Arturo is a tough act to follow, please send him lots of love for the incredible job he did in recent months . Thanks Arturo!


  • Finalized a list of Mentors from the initial list of nominations. This will be what we call the 'first wave' of mentors, as we decided on a maximum number of mentors for this first on-boarding.
  • Emma to send out Invitations to Mentors (done)
  • Emma to schedule on-boarding/mentor training(almost done)
  • All new mentors will receive 1 new mentee, and one re-located mentee (mentee has stepped down, or requested change) to get started.
  • How to become a Mentor <> added to Mentor SOP


  • Emma proposed Diversity as a consideration for all council decisions.
    • This is not defined, but council voted overwhelmingly to support Reps becoming a model structure of inclusiveness in community (woot!) On behalf of Reps, Emma will be collaborating with a current MoFo/MoCo/Reps diversity discussion.
    • Also reaching out to Womoz .

Post-Event Metrics

  • Nuke has been working hard on challenges to encourage the reporting of event metrics. Council provided him with feedback
  • We also discussed making Event-report backs more of a profile of what Reps accomplish (so you can share the end result on resume's etc).
    • Interested in community thoughts on this design.