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Description of Release


Implementation Bug / Bugs Fixed

Bug list

Test Plan

Staging server: https://spreadfirefox.authstage.mozilla.com/

What WILL be tested by QA

  • Header
    • Tabs
      • "Groups" becomes "Projects"
      • "Materials" shall henceforth be named "Resources"
      • "Events" becomes "News & Events"
  • Home page
    • Spread Firefox Needs You! block
      • Content block
      • Sign Up/Sign In functionality
      • "Learn more" link
    • Contribute to a Group block
      • "Learn more" link -- button rather than a hover effect
    • Become an Affiliate block
      • "Learn more" link
    • Featured Projects block
      • "Join this project" link
      • "View all projects" link
    • Recent Discussions
      • 6 of these
      • View all postings link
    • Top Fox Spot (tabbed interface -- switchable)
      • Top Movers
      • Top 6
      • "Learn more" link
    • Community spotlight
      • Meet this member
      • View blog posts
    • SFx Photostream
      • Scrolling functionality
      • "Add a photo" link
      • Photo titles on hover via tooltips
  • News & Events page
    • Rotated content block (dynamic)
    • Campus Reps "Learn More" link goes to an internal page
    • Quick wins
      • "View all" link
    • Firefox downloads
    • Marketing buzz
      • Aggregate link of internal marketing folks (for now)
      • View all postings
    • Firefox in [locale] block?
      • "Learn more" link
    • Upcoming Events
      • Top 10 events with a link to the Mozilla Events
    • News item w/picture
      • "Learn more" link
      • "View events calendar" link
      • "Mozilla events page" link
  • Footer
    • Links

Types of users:

  • users
  • admins
  • vanguard

Exclusions: Admin Interface -- Mary and SFx admins to help test


  • Of the above list, QA will be responsible for testing the user-facing components of those features; we will also provide testing support for Admin/non user-facing features which the team will use more frequently

General Markup Testing

  1. W3C Markup Validation Service online test
    1. (Does CSS/XHTML, etc.)
  2. Broken link checker online test

Accessibility Testing

  1. Cynthia online test
  2. TAW online test

Browser Testing Matrix

Win XP Win Vista Mac Linux
Firefox 3.0.5 / P1 P1 P1 P1
Internet Explorer 7 P1 P1 N/A N/A
Internet Explorer 6 P1 N/A N/A N/A
Opera 9.6 P2 P2 P2 P2
Safari 2.0.4 / 3.1.2 P1 P1 P1 N/A