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SeaMonkey Meeting Details


Action Items

  • any?

SeaMonkey 2 Alpha

open blockers all blockers blocker requests

We have 4 open blockers right now:

    • A questionable (IMHO) security bug,
    • Removing feed detection on the relbranch (which should not happen in normal nightlies)
    • Prefpanel migration (almost done).
      • Languages was started by stefanh, who is on vacation; IanN has taken that over and will try to deliver the patch today.
    • bug 423211 Bookmarks import from old profiles (This probably affects migrator code). Problem has been diagnosed. Patch needed. mcsmurf will look into this.


All SeaMonkey-specific patches from tomorrow until the Alpha 1 cut (unfreezing) need approval-seamonkey2.0a1+ (or being for blocking-seamonkey2.0a1+ bugs)!

  • bug 394522 prefwindow move
    • Status/Progress?
      • bug 444170 (Master Password) - Done.
      • bug 444411 (Browser > Languages) Assigned (stefanh Away). help-wanted to drive forward - IanN has started work on it, hoping to get a patch ready for review tonight.
      • bug 444582 (Download) Fixed except for Profile migration patch.
      • bug 445015 (Validation) - Waiting for reviews.
  • Other blockers? Status/Progress?
  • Blocker triage?
    • IanN started the triaging of blockers on behalf of the SM Council - 5 need further review, they probably need a council decision, and 2 new have been added which are unconfirmed - I will look at those 2 later today.
    • We have 7 bugs marked as blocking-seamonkey2.0a1
      • mcsmurf: to look at the two unconfirmed migrator bugs.
        • bug 452465 is an uncommon edge case. Should be minused.
      • bug 438793 mnyromyr: Treelines in DOMI and Venkman are fixed, I hope to finish Mailnews by tonight - these are the three critical places. If that doesn't work out by maybe Friday, I'll remove the blocking.
      • bug 418150 mcsmurf and Neil are looking into this.
      • bug 429187 minused. There's a workaround for most cases.
      • bug 419178 minused. Minor UI glitch.
  • Shipping target - is the freeze today still OK? When can we target actually shipping this?
    • Today midnight PST looks good.
    • We probably need to be in that freeze for a bit until the remaining blockers are fixed, but we hope we can cut Alpha 1 within those next two weeks. After that we will need some time for doing builds and QAing them.
    • KaiRo will coordinate with the Council and the Mozilla build team on where/when to cut Alpha and how to do that and builds.
    • What areas does freeze cover? (e.g. mailnews/ suite? - note: TB's freeze moved out by two weeks).
      • we can only freeze SeaMonkey-specific code.
  • Release notes
    • We need to gather a list of major changes to 1.1.x that this Alpha contains.
    • Should we restructure relnotes completely? Who can help with that?
  • Trunk versioning. After Alpha 1 is cut the trunk should bumped to 2.0a2pre.

Longer-Term SeaMonkey 2 Planning

Major wanted/needed features:

  • bug 381157 Download manager.
    • Status/Progress? No progress at the moment.
  • bug 390025 Kill-wallet (password manager).
    • Updated LDAP patch
    • Now starting to look at SMTP.
    • This is also blocking Thunderbird 3 beta, but Standard8 is not sure that this will make it.
  • bug 382187 Places history.
    • Neil made the urlbar autocomplete ("Smart Location Bar") work just nicely.
    • We still need help to make the history window and the history sidebar work.
  • bug 36810 Session restore.
    • Status: waiting for reviews. Misak is keeping this patch up to date porting latest patches from the other browser.

Other topic:

  • Toolkit feature-freeze (beta 1 code freeze) now Sept 30th - what needs to land before that from our POV?
    • Toolbar customization patch.
  • Documentation should be redone, we need someone to work on that
    • one idea is to auto-import in-product help pages to website but someone would need to write up a script to do that.
    • Another idea is migrating end-user documentation from to, reworking it to be current - help wanted!
    • Yet another idea would be to set up the SUMO system for SeaMonkey to get a knowledge base and web forums (we probably don't have the manpower for live chat support), some lose contact to SUMO people is here, but also help needed.


Status Updates from developers - what are you working on, what's the progress, any other comments? (feel free to add yourself to the list if your name is missing and you have interesting status)

  • ajschult
    • QA looks very good for SeaMonkey 1.1.12.
  • biesi
  • Callek
    • Has access to the buildbot machines, so am a proper backup for KaiRo now.
    • Continue working on build-config fixes and getting the rest of SeaMonkey 2.0 final stuff.
  • IanN
    • Been working through various preference related patches both writing and reviewing, also working on some mailnews patches.
    • Not at meeting due to being on a "lovely" EIA course, I'll read/respond to minutes later.
  • KaiRo
    • Helped prefwindow stuff slightly by moving security prefs to comm-central and removing pref-winhooks after shellservice UI landed
    • Tried to push people to get prefpanes finished for the freeze
    • Fixed testing profiles so mochitests don't fail due to a shellservice popup
    • Landed parts of bug 451601, killing xpfe-style chrome versions, will be completed once I get DOMi r+
    • Some fixes to comm-central build system, e.g. making "make install" work, better autoconf 2.13 detection, relative l10n-base
    • Enabled L10n builds for hg, see latest-comm-central-l10n
    • Started the Release Process for 1.1.12
    • As always, my blog has more detailed status about my work
  • mcsmurf
    • bug 441050 Create shell service UI finished
    • Looking into updating installer and shell service code with the Firefox/Thunderbird shell service code (more Vista improvements), this is something for another alpha/beta, involves somewhat complex changes
  • Misak
    • bug 36810 (session restore)
    • bug 425480 (non-ASCII characters should be decoded in the urlbar)
    • Bug reporting and bug triage.
  • Mnyromyr
    • Working on treelines; and mail data for mochitest profiles.
  • Neil
  • Ratty
  • sgautherie
    • Monitoring tinderboxes waterfall, filing bug reports on failures: hope to see our 4 Oranges turn Green someday ;->
    • Checked, optim and debug, bloatcycle and |make check| tests locally, reported failures...
    • Eventually got Hg/etc commit access :-)
    • As usual, fixed/ported some bugs here and there, etc.
  • Standard8
    • Password Manager, see above.
    • Updated preference pane code for bug 408613
  • stefanh (on vacation)
  • Mreimer

Any other business?

  • Modern Update: No progress report yet. Ratty will check with Kuden later this month.