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SeaMonkey Meeting Details


  • Who's taking minutes? -> Ratty
  • Nominees for Friends of the Fish Tank:
    • N/A

Action Items

(who needs to do what that hasn't been recorded in a bug) We should assign people to the open items.



  • (bug 956561); move blog to [DONE]
    • some sprucing / branding needs to happen next
  • bug 998807 Sync account creation or device pairing fails with exception in BrowserIDManager
    • mcsmurf will look into this
  • bug 1057920 SeaMonkey's CVS dependency really should be removed. (currently used only for Releng Automation, and SeaMonkey Website).
    • IanN will create a separate bug for the releng automation stuff and will find out what is required to get the work done.


Status of the SeaMonkey Buildbot Master and Tree

  • Buildmaster is up and running, and produces en-US builds, see 9/16 meeting's Friends of the Fish Tank. Builds and langpacks in 18 languages including en-US are available unofficially thanks to A.Kalla, see also FOFT above.
    • Due to the master having some mysql issues, Callek has put a halt on the mysql updates, which affects the tbpl. So nothing is showing in tbpl atm.
  • comm-* will be building out of mozilla-* (bug 648979 etc.). Jcrammer has completed the coding. The decision to merge c-c into m-c has been kicked down the road into the next quarter or two.
    • Recent work on this:
    • bug 1040009 .mozconfig configure options are ignored if objdir path is absolute
    • bug 1035599 Pseudo-merge m-c and c-c's objdir
  • [12th October 2014]
    • Infrastructure issues
      • linux64 systems are still plagued by plagued by bug 1058385. Regular AWOLing. Currently 7 slaves are down.
      • WinNT systems are ok now. (touch wood)
      • NB: Currently the miscellaneous patches to fix the RelEng infra (tooltool are all applied to the master directly. Once reviewed, the patches will be pushed to their corresponding repositories and the master will be updated properly.
      • NB2: None of the test bustages are listed. Priority is currently set to get the builds running properly.
      • On mozilla-central a win64 change has landed recently and switching to VS2013. SeaMonkey Windows builders are running Vista and VS 2013 has a minimum requirement of WinXP SP1.
    • [comm-central]
    • [comm-aurora]
      • blocklist update bustage : bug 1074572 Fix waiting review.
      • OSX64 l10n nightly/dep bustage : related to bug 902876
      • WinNT (build/debug) bustage : RelEng issue. bug 1067567
      • OSX64 bustage: changes in OSX code signing paths. bug 1074019
    • [comm-beta]
    • [comm-release]
      • OSX64 bustage : bug 1023644 Patches waiting for review.
  • See RelEng page for the RelEng status history.
  • In Bug 902876 Comment 12 Mcsmurf is waiting for feedback from the build team on how to proceed.

Release Train

  • SeaMonkey 2.30 beta 1 was released on 9th October 2014.
  • SeaMonkey 2.30 beta 2 was released on 12th October 2014.
  • We are aiming for a 2.30 release on 15th October 2014.
  • Useful Firefox Release Schedule link: Releases Scheduling

Extensions and Plugins Compatibility Tracking

  • Firefox & Thunderbird Add-on Converter for SeaMonkey
  • This tool goes a little further beyond simply modifying install.rdf - it also identifies a few more other things in the code that are Firefox or Thunderbird specific and attempts to change them. Of course, not all extensions can be ported so easily to SeaMonkey since there's only so much an automated tool like that can do.

    Add-on Converter for SeaMonkey:

  • bug 1060858 Ghostery 5.3.1 does not support SeaMonkey: The Addon-SDK has been updated (bug 1071048 and uplifted to mozilla-central, so now Ghostery works on SeaMonkey trunk and aurora builds. Ratty is looking into uplifting the patch to mozilla-beta and mozilla-release. Thinks that for -release, landing these changes on a relbranch is doable.
  • See Basics page. Please only list current changes here.
  • Addon Compatibility Listings
  • Ratty filed bug 957149 to push an updated version of DOMi to to pick up the latest fixes. Depends on:
  • Our build team needs to automate DOMI branch selection rather than having to tweak the every 6 weeks. bug 763506

2.x (Last, Current, Next)

  • [From a previous meeting:] There is a problem with the metrics server, so no current data is available
  • See Basics page for the usual reminders.


open tracking (0) tracking requests (0) targeted (0) fixed (8)


open tracking (0) tracking requests (3) targeted (0) fixed (8)


  • Stalled. Needs a kick.
    • bug 815954 Click-to-Play: Port bug 812562 (click-to-play blocklisted plugins: reshow urlbar notification as with normal click-to-play).
    • bug 476108 GetShortPathNameW fails under some NTFS junctions [patchlove].
  • Current breakages:
    • bug 998807 Sync account creation or device pairing fails with exception in BrowserIDManager needs an owner
    • bug 995737 adapt seamonkey for the address book remote content policy change; use permission manager instead of address book property.
  • Mozilla-central bugs that affect us:
    • Our front end Sync UI needs to be updated as the old backend is going away in Gecko/Firefox 31. See: New Firefox Sync has landed in Firefox Nightly. Tracked in:
      • bug 998807 Sync account creation or device pairing fails with exception in BrowserIDManager.
      • bug 1003434 Add support for about:sync-progress.
    • A lot of these bugs are due to mozilla-central switching from synchronous APIs to Asynchronous APIs.
    • bug 566746 (asyncFormHistory) Form history should use asynchronous storage API. Tracked in:
      • bug 912031 Use Asynchronous FormHistory.jsm in place of nsIFormHistory2 in Suite.
    • bug 769764 move proxy resolution to separate thread and remove sync api. Tracked in:
      • MailNews bug 791645 Rewrite calls to synchronous nsIProtocolProxyService::DeprecatedBlockingResolve with Async code before DeprecatedBlockingResolve disappears as well.
    • bug 793634 Force builds to be compatible with gtk 2.18/glib 2.22. Tracked in:
      • bug 795354 Migrate SeaMonkey Linux builders to CentOS 6.
    • bug 846635 Use asynchronous getCharsetForURI in getShortcutOrURI. bug 834543 Add asynchronous version of setCharsetForURI and getCharsetForURI. Tracked in:
      • bug 896947 Use asynchronous version of setCharsetForURI and getCharsetForURI in getShortcutOrURI and other places.
    • bug 825588 Asynchronous JavaScript API for downloads and bug 851471 Decommission nsIDownloadManager. Tracked in:
      • bug 888915 Move SeaMonkey to the new JavaScript API for downloads when nsIDownloadManager is decommissioned.
  • OSX V2 signing changes have landed on comm-central (uplifted to comm-aurora) and on comm-beta, tracked by:
    • bug 1072663 Update removed-files for the move from Contents/MacOS to Contents/Resources.
    • bug 1074019 Modify file structure of to allow for OSX v2 signing
    • bug 1074021 Get SeaMonkey to launch with the new .app bundle structure
    • bug 1074025 SeaMonkey's preprocessed channel-prefs.js file needs to be the same for each build

Feature List, Planning

Bug statistics for the last two (full) weeks: 28 new, 10 fixed, 5 triaged.

  • Low triaging effort, number of new bugs filed back to normal.
  • IanN thinks it would be useful to remind people on the newsgroups / forums that they can contribute by triaging. Tonymec will post a reminder to newsgroups / forums

Open reviews/flags: 32 review 6 super-review 2 ui-review 6 feedback

  • See Feature List page for major wanted/needed features.
  • TODO: We will need to update our Sync UI code due to the new Sync API. Also we need to check if we are allowed to create FX accounts from our UI Since the new Sync accounts are FX accounts.[IanN] I'm sure I saw a question about FX accounts and branding. Callek was going to ask about being able to use Firefox accounts.

Roundtable - Personal Status Updates

Status Updates from developers - what are you working on, what's the progress, any other comments? (feel free to add yourself to the list if your name is missing and you have interesting status).




  • Need Resolving:
    • bug 1037376 - Move most of the _MSC_VER references in to and share the logic for determining what MSVC DLLs to package
    • bug 1053081 - libhost_stdc++compat.a(host_stdc++compat.o): build/mozilla/build/unix/stdc++compat/stdc++compat.cpp:147: _M_widen_init first defined here
    • bug 1066896 - Update sync-hg-blocklist to the new blocklist domain
  • Need Review:
    • bug 840427 - Migrate SeaMonkey builders to using mock
    • bug 853720 - After bug 827446, SeaMonkey doesn't know mozcrash.
    • bug 902876 - No SeaMonkey langpacks (or localized builds) later than 26 July 2013
    • bug 922076 - Switch tests to using and manifests
    • bug 1023644 - Setup tooltool on SeaMonkey Win32 builders and update the other platform's tooltool setup
    • bug 1047289 - Port remaining parts of bug 525438 if any (l10n-merge doesn't merge all files required to build)
    • bug 1050597 - Remove leaktests from SeaMonkey buildbotconfigs/custom code.
    • bug 1052262 - --enable-elf-hack conflicts with --enable-profiling:
    • bug 1064265 - Remove mozilla objdir from SeaMonkey buildbotcustom/config code
    • bug 1067567 - cd <objdir>; mozmake installer or mach build installer doesn't create an installer
    • bug 1069491 - Port Bug 1042426 - Adjust installer manifests for the new MOZ_SANDBOX flag
    • bug 1073327 - l10n dep repacks are busted
    • bug 1074572 - blocklist update failing: blocklist.xml empty
  • Working on:
    • bug 908090 - ImportError: No module named json, on SeaMonkey Linux/Windows (all) test runs, due to (still) using Python 2.5
    • bug 1052263 - Can now remove --disable-gio and --enable-gnomevfs now that bug 794772 has landed.
    • bug 1060186 - Port |Bug 1041886 - Separate Linux sandbox code into its own shared library.| to SeaMonkey
    • bug 1061357 - Remove all vestiges of macosx32 from suite/


  • Usual testing, reviewing and commenting.
  • Fixed:
  • Fixed for c-c:
  • Fixed for m-c:
    • bug 1060966 Can't open perl script "/comm-central/mozilla/../build/win32/": No such file or directory
  • Fixed for m-i:
  • Pending check in:
    • bug 1039003 Port |bug 633773 Use Google's HTTPS search by default|, |bug 958883 Use HTTPS for Yahoo searches| and search plugin parts of |bug 959576 Create a component to get the list of priority domains| to Thunderbird
    • bug 1062559 Port |bug 1055627 Pass MOZ_GLUE_PROGRAM_LDFLAGS after STATIC_LIBS to linker| to c-c
  • Checked in pending review:
  • Waiting for feedback/review/information:
  • Fixing review comments before checkin:
    • bug 757230 When using add button for permissions in Data Manager set a displayHost
    • bug 798147 Switch to correct pref pane if pref window already open
  • Working on:
    • bug 1060897 Static-link the CRT into Instantbird executable (/im/app/ Port bug 1023941 Part 1
    • bug 1051642 Allow for flat chrome format when packaging extensions
    • bug 943335 [TB] Update icons used in searchplugins (Yahoo, eBay, Wikipedia, Amazon, Bing, Twitter)
    • Various SM Council documents.
    • bug 606683 Allow customization of toolbar in Composer and MailNews Composition
    • bug 639690 [META] Re-arrange code between editor and editorOverlay
    • bug 773979 [META] Switch to new drag and drop api in SeaMonkey
    • bug 657234 Move pasteQuote and pasteNoFormatting into contentAreaContextOverlay
    • File/Folder selection in windows.
  • To Do:
    • bug 639395 Get cmd_fontSize to reflect current state of selected content / content at caret.
    • Prefs-in-a-tab.
    • Create FAQ for Friends of the Fish Tank.
    • Help get composer standalone builds working with --enable-tests.







Checked in to mozilla-central:

  • bug 1075976 Clean up XPCOM string usage.
  • bug 1078026 Clean up XPCOM string usage.
  • bug 1074114 Failure to create JS-implemented webidl component always throws NS_ERROR_FAILURE.

Checked in to comm-central, needs comm-aurora uplift:

Needs checkin:

  • bug 870556 Try to improve performance of the IMAP download queue.

Needs mozilla-central checkin, mozilla-aurora and mozilla-beta uplift:

Waiting for feedback (feel free to jump in):

  • bug 1078740 Add tracking controls to security notification bar.

Still waiting for review:



Fixed in previous meetings. Checkin on GREENish tree:

  • bug 1009890 Ctrl+P and Ctrl+W not working from Print Preview window (Port bug 581470).
  • bug 1040771 Allow about: pages to opt in to IndexedDB optionally specifying a desired origin.
  • bug 1041327 Record submission event for plugin crashes [notifications].

Uplifted to mozilla-central:

  • bug 1071048 update sdk/tabs metadata to work in SeaMonkey (for Ghostery and other SDK based addons).


  • bug 698310 Spell Check Dialog to small for long words. Make it resizable.
  • bug 1068846 Enable generational GC for SeaMonkey.

Waiting for moa/sr:

  • bug 917563 Convert abSelectAddressesDialog.xul from a <window class="dialog"> to a <dialog>

Working on:

  • bug 640420 Add draggable splitter between urlbar and searchbar.
  • bug 752331 Define TopLevelImageDocument.css and TopLevelVideoDocument.css for SeaMonkey themes.
  • bug 1040910 Support XHTML in feed titles.
  • bug 1077465 readFromClipboard() |dataLen.value / 2| isn't safe.
  • bug 1081818 The Spell Check Dialog in Thunderbird Message Compose to small for long words. Make it resizable.


Other stuff:

  • Coordinate efforts to get SeaMonkey support into the Addon SDK, needed by Ghostery, QrCodeR, and other SDK based addons.
  • Did some reviews.
  • Bug triage and Bug discussions.
  • Usual end user support and PR in newsgroups and Mozillazine.


Fixed on trunk:

  • bug 1078306 Add Windows 10 as supported OS version to SeaMonkey's exe manifest.

Working on:

  • bug 1060852 Expose privacy.trackingprotection.enabled in Privacy preferences and account for removal of Do-Not-Track options.
    • main patch approved, waiting for string changes to be checked in on trunk;
    • quasi-blocking bug 1031033 has only checked in FF string changes thus far;
    • bug 1042135 has patch for DNT-pref removal approved but won't check in until patches for all FF-products are approved.

Needs testing:

  • bug 1032302 8BITMIME keyword ignored in EHLO greeting, BODY=8BITMIME absent in MAIL request for 8-bit transfers. (MailNews)


  • Bug triage, testing, and commenting for SeaMonkey and MailNews Core.
  • Done some reviews (bug 752331, bug 1073968).
  • End-user information and discussion on MozillaZine.



Did some reviews.


  • bug 333910 nsITheme for menu/scrollbox arrows (Widget: Cocoa).
  • bug 1075672 Style the sidebar in places window with Yosemite behind-window vibrancy (Firefox: Theme).
  • bug 973644 Port bug 967970 - Set NSDisablePersistence to prevent disk leaks.
  • bug 1068997 Implement keyboard shortcut for composition's "Find and Replace" on MAC.


Any other business?

  • European Summer Time ends October 26th. The next meeting shall be at 1pm GMT (9am Eastern, 1pm UK, 2pm Central Europe, 9pm Hong Kong)