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A list of all pages that have property "Feature non-goals" with value "Anything resembling a low-level crypto API.". Since there have been only a few results, also nearby values are displayed.

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  • Privacy/Features/Per-Site Third-Party Cookie Setting  + ( * This is not cookie double-keying. * This does not dictate default behavior (e.g., changing the default to turn off all third party cookies. )
  • Privacy/Features/Handshake checkpoint API  + ( * This will not ''replace'' our existing PKI/CA program * This is not affecting stuff outside the TLS layer of HTTPS connections. * This is not adding additional UI over the DV/EV SSL indicators. )
  • Privacy/Features/HttpsGoogleSearch  + ( * This will not update other search engines to be HTTPS * This will not change how users are presented search interfaces )
  • Features/Thunderbird/Instant messaging in Thunderbird  + ( * Turn Thunderbird into an IM client for
    * Turn Thunderbird into an IM client for people who don't want to use it for their emails. * Support as many IM protocols as possible: For a first version with IM features included, we want to focus first on a good UI integration between email and IM features. Support for more protocols can come later.
    Support for more protocols can come later. )
  • Security/Features/Application Reputation  + ( * Virus scanning. * Offering to sandbox untrusted native applications. * Preventing downgrade attacks. * Forcing application download sites to use https. * Foist AMO-style user reviews upon application download sites. )
  • DevTools/Features/WebConsoleUpgrade  + ( * We are not looking to integrate the Workspace or GCLI features into the console as part of this feature. )
  • Privacy/Features/Shortened HTTP Referer header  + ( * We are not removing the HTTP referer header * We are not replacing the HTTP referer header * This is not the Origin header )
  • Features/Desktop/64bit Firefox Windows 7  + ( * We should not attempt support of 64-bit
    * We should not attempt support of 64-bit Windows XP (neither x86-64 nor Itanium) * We do not immediately need a stub installer or website magic to deliver 64-bit builds to 64-bit Windows users. * We do not need or expect memory use parity with 32-bit Firefox. * We do not intend to drop support for 32-bit Firefox.
    intend to drop support for 32-bit Firefox. )
  • Marketplace/Features/Country Stores  + ( * We will not block users from accessing other regions or content in the Marketplace. Apps that require certainty of a user's location (e.g. for content licensing purposes) should detect that themselves inside their app. )
  • Site security state store  + ( * While the data in this storage shall not be directly accessible to sites we will not commit to prevent tracking via this data set. )
  • Firefox/Features/about-crashes  + ( * Will not change the way crash reports are gathered/submitted. * Is not a replacement for crash-stats. * Will not provide all information that crash-stats provides. )
  • Firefox/Features/keywordurl follows searchbar  + ( * keyword.URL protection (e.g. from hijacking, add-on changed prefs, etc.) * inclusion of search suggest or other related info in/modification of Awesome Bar results * independent management of keyword.URL or equivalent )
  • Identity/Features/Sign into the browser  + ( * master password integration / modal sign-in screen on browser startup )
  • Support/Firefox Features/Clean up user profile  + ( *A [[Support/Firefox Features/Clean install|Clean Install]] is another repair process that is not covered by this feature. )
  • Features/Security/Low rights Firefox  + ( *Cross-domain and other intra-browser att
    *Cross-domain and other intra-browser attacks (browsing history, passwords, cookies, etc) will not be mitigated. *Plugins will not be sandboxed as they cannot be run in low rights without their cooperation (ie. code changes) and may have their own sandbox (e.g. Flash) *Sandboxing on non-Windows platforms (at first - sandboxing on Linux is being researched as part of work of B2G, and there is interest in using the OSX sandbox as well) *Chrome vs Content separation aka Electrolysis/e10s *Separating access to content by domain (domains will all be handled in the same sandboxed process)
    l be handled in the same sandboxed process) )
  • Privacy/Features/DOMCryptAPI  + ( *Initially supporting complex Crypto standards *Hardware device support )
  • Notifications  + ( *Interrupt the user's cognitive flow with
    *Interrupt the user's cognitive flow with notifications that are not relevant or important (the growl effect) *[b]Badging is a non-goal[/b]. The increasing size of the badge creates a game mechanic where users must get the number down to zero, which isn't a good pattern, and ultimately makes them feel like they are failing. *Panel notifications need to be user opt in, because they are so destructive to the user's attention and cognitive flow.
    to the user's attention and cognitive flow. )
  • Firefox/Features/50ms ASSERT  + ( *provide information to end-users about what is causing Firefox to feel slow or unresponsive *provide UI profiling *integration of responsiveness testing into Talos )
  • In-content preferences  + (- It is *not* a goal of this project to mo
    - It is *not* a goal of this project to modify the organization of the preferences. - It is *not* a goal of this project to move the modal dialogs accessed through the current preferences window to be rendered in-content. Those dialogs, e.g. the Saved Passwords dialog, will remain as a modal dialog for this project.
    remain as a modal dialog for this project.)
  • Privacy/Features/Limit CSS3 resolution  + (-No need to touch Javascript related functions/attributes as these can be handled by the capabilities code.)
  • Privacy/Features/Pref to limit number of fonts loaded per tab  + (-Will not try to prevent bad web rendering
    -Will not try to prevent bad web renderings (bad sizes due the assumptions on the fonts rendered) -Will not prevent OS identification. Each OS has different default fonts and redenering engines, which have layout differences. -Will not prevent font enumeratioon via plugins such as flash.
    nt enumeratioon via plugins such as flash.)
  • Features/Jetpack/Jetpack-HTML-l10n  + (1. Dynamic Localization of HTML: processin
    1. Dynamic Localization of HTML: processing HTML content with locale-specific plaintext strings that is dynamically inserted into a page. This feature page covers this: document.body.appendChild(_("Hello, World!")); But not this: document.body.innerHTML = _("


    "); At some point we should tackle the latter case of dynamic localization of HTML containing embedded plaintext strings. 2. Generic Template Processing: this proposal aims, instead, for interoperability with third-party template processors.
    interoperability with third-party template processors.)
  • Web Apps integration  + (; See cut section for more details * Disco
    ; See cut section for more details * Discovery aside from within the Marketplace * Apps in the Cloud * Permissions model specific to apps. Apps will use same permissions model as web content in tabs currently does. * Notifications of app updates on Home Tab, or prompts while browsing. * Offline support other than what the Web platform provides.
    other than what the Web platform provides.)
  • Services/Sync/Features/Addon Sync  + (;Syncing add-on information across different Application IDs ;Sync will not synchronize non-XPI add-ons such as plugins, lightweight themes, and search engines. Sync will also not synchronize add-ons installed outside of the currently running profile.)
  • Privacy/Features/mozCipherAddressbook  + (Any kind of key management UI or toolkit.)
  • Firefox/Features/Media Controls Refresh  + (As a set of incremental evolutions, large changes such as WebRTC or a more meaningful set of streaming controls are out of scope.)
  • Features/Thunderbird/Modern Address Book  + (At this point, we're not going to let cont
    At this point, we're not going to let contact providers push changes to other contact providers through Thunderbird. So, in other words, if a contact provider X sends an updated field, Thunderbird will not update this field for other contact providers. Instead, Thunderbird will disassociate X from the old field, and add the updated field as a new field, associated with X.
    d field as a new field, associated with X.)
  • Firefox/Features/Locationbar Domain Highlight  + (Chrome and Opera go further and hide "http://", for instance. That's not part of this feature.)
  • Labs/Deuxdrop  + (Creating another centralized messaging infrastructure.)
  • Thunderbird Metro  + (Due to the system framework, having synchronization between classic and metro Thunderbird. Inter-compatibility with Thunderbird Classic add-ons.)
  • Features/Jetpack/CFX in JS  + (Execute "Add-on SDK as an Addon" or "Ship SDK via AMO" features. CFX in JS shouldn't aim to ship the SDK in a XPI in order to host it on AMO, even if it will most likely help these two goals. It may just end up being a requirement for them.)
  • DevTools/Features/Workspaces  + (For this initial step, we're leaving off some obvious features: *a better editor (Ace) *external editor integration of any sort *autocompletion)
  • Security/Features/WebCrypto  + (Give all web content access to complicated low-level crypto primitives and key material.)
  • Services/Sync/Features/MigrateToDigestAuth  + (Hope to get ahead in setting up security necessary for running a sync-key server)
  • Features/Desktop/About Version  + (It is not necessary that the update check
    It is not necessary that the update check is triggered on opening the About dialog. That's a nice to have but not a requirement for this feature. (we already do this.) If the user is not up to date, the normal updating process should ensue. No changes to that flow are needed for this feature.
    to that flow are needed for this feature.)
  • DevTools/Features/ColorPicker  + (It is not necessary that this color picker be the same as the one used for input type="color".)
  • Improved Mac installer  + (Mac App Store availability.)
  • App Vertical Tuts  + (Marketing the general apps platform to other audiences through this conduit.)
  • Firefox Social Integration  + (Mixing and matching different parts from different social providers is a non-goal. Users must be able to switch between providers, but it is not required that users be able to display touch points from multiple providers simultaneously.)
  • Features/Desktop/Keyword URL change detection  + (Not addressing more complex hijacking (Search bar, DNS redirects etc). Also not directly trying to address cases where malware tries to circumvent this fix until we know how the circumventing is going to work.)
  • Firefox/Features/Persist Panorama Groups  + (Note that it's important that we revisit t
    Note that it's important that we revisit this implementation when we later switch to a modal where windows == panorama groups. That is not currently a goal of this project, but it will later relate back to this project. Under that model, the risk is that Firefox will persist every window the user has ever created in Panorama (which for users who don't use the tab strip but instead favor separate windows, could be a very large number). So later the approach will be to only persist Panorama groups that the user has named/starred: [ design mockup]
    anoramaStarredGroups-i1.png design mockup])
  • Firefox/Features/windows-scrolling  + (Note that this bug is different than [http
    Note that this bug is different than [ bug 590022]. Our smooth scrolling preference simply draws 10 frames when we receive an event that the user has moved their mouse wheel a single discrete step. This project is about fine grained precision, and non-discrete mouse wheels.
    precision, and non-discrete mouse wheels.)
  • Platform/Features/SPDY  + (SPDY over non-ssl.)
  • Security/CSP/Confidentiality  + (Side Channels Confidentiality invariants
    Side Channels Confidentiality invariants more fine-grained than origins. Thus, a website having an open redirect doesn't get much protection from this: they need to modify the open redirect to make whitelist/scrub the redirect of any data. While we might be able to block HTTP redirect cases, meta/javascript redirects will be difficult.
    ta/javascript redirects will be difficult.)
  • Testing/Client-side XPI Construction  + (Supporting the full stack of methods provided by CFX, all we need is the ability to construct XPIs.)
  • Jetpack/Ship SDK via AMO  + (The SDK does not ship itself as an addon. The dependency on python is not removed. The SDK doesn't ship as part of Firefox.)
  • Network Down page  + (The ability to link cached support articles from this page would be a separate, future enhancement/feature.)
  • Features/Jetpack/Out-of-Process Addons  + (The feature should not attempt to support using the SDK's APIs in core Firefox development. It should not attempt to address some aspect of the SDK's security model. These goals are worthy but best addressed by orthogonal or subsequent efforts.)
  • Features/Jetpack/Traditional Addon Conversion to SDK Platform  + (The feature should not attempt to support addons that ship binary components and should make that clear in the documentation. It should not attempt to provide tools and APIs for traditional addon development.)
  • Platform/Features/Camera API - Phase 2 (getUserMedia)  + (The first release does NOT include * the
    The first release does NOT include * the ability to capture a video and send that video somewhere * the ability to preview the image in a canvas or modify it before uploading it to a server won't be possible with this implementation. The first release will be Mobile only (not desktop).
    release will be Mobile only (not desktop).)