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Open sessions are sessions proposed by delegates and participants, independent of any track or larger context.

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Summit Session Facilitator Support Calls

About Open Sessions

The emphasis in Open Sessions will be on discussion and knowledge sharing, and formats are intended to be dialog-oriented and hands-on rather than lecture or presentation.

Open session topics will vary in each of the three Summit locations, and will reflect the unique interests, skills and passions of those present in each city. They may happen in all three cities if proposed in advance and if there are enough facilitators. Or they may just happen in one city. It is really up to the people who proposed the sessions to decide this.

If you would like to host an Open Session, complete this form and we’ll follow up.

For the full "what", the "why", and the "How" of Open Sessions, check out Open Sessions FAQs

There are so many flavors of Open Sessions to propose! In particular:

  • Share a skill!
  • Brainstorm solutions to a problem or opportunity, tech or non-tech
  • Teach a Mozilla survival trick: Hack the expense process, Egencia power traveler tips, Secret Passageways in the San Francisco Office
  • Make stuff: Teach coding tricks, draw together, build gadgets together
  • Co-design something, review a design, or spec out a vision
  • Host a Q&A on a critical process: code review, security processes, Bugzilla secrets
  • Frame a topic for conversation: "How do you stay personally sustainable?", "What does the Manifesto mean to you?", "What is the future of the web?"
  • Go outside the Mozbox: share something fun: juggling skills, how to play ukulele, binary balloon animals, anything!

The Open session team is at your disposal to think through any aspect of your session, we happy to talk via email or phone. You can email with questions or requests for support.

We are hoping to have the average session size "small", 10-15 folks per session. That will of course depend on the overall number of sessions. So we need YOURS!

Please propose a session and help make the Summit bigger and more open!