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Sumo Development Update

  • Welcome to Q4!
  • We're starting off by diving head first into replacing the native Sphinx API with the ElasticUtils-compatible Oedipus to make switching backends easier, and picking off the low-hanging UX fruit.
  • 2011-10-04 goes out tomorrow.
  • 2011-10-11 branches Wednesday.


  • Let's all have fun working together.
  • Everyone to create goals project page for each Q4 goal by end of the week. David to create the wiki page tracking the goals (they're currently in an etherpad).
  • Friends of the Tree:
    • Last week (forgot to put this in the notes) - SUMO wants to thank cor-el, TonyE (aka Quarantine) and the-edmeister for fearlessly taking on question-answering head-on for the last 4 years! That's over 100000 posts between them.
    • This week - SUMO wants to thank Scoobidiver for being the most prolific writer and reviewer of knowledge base articles and for then turning around and localizing them all in French. We'd also like to thank Alice Wyman for her invaluable contributions to the SUMO knowledge base over the last three and a half years.
  • Michelle sent out goodies to some contributors.

Firefox Status Update


Metric were not updated at the time of the meeting so we didn't discuss them.

Knowledge Base

  • We need to update articles for Fx 8
  • We talked about this Sync related update to a KB article. It was nice that Richard Newman (Sync Engineer) is interested in reviewing sync articles. We should make him and Jason/greasemonkey (who has been really active and interested in reviewing) KB reviewers.



- The Open Web Apps project is looking for developers who may be interested in developing web apps for the launch of the Marketplace. If you know anyone, let me or know.

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