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  • [AT RISK] Establish process for prioritizing user issues to get developer attention [Cww] Here is the current process proposal
  • [DONE] Work with product and engineering teams to get worked started on Fix profile feature Project Plan [Michael]
  • [MISSED] Work with product and engineering teams to get worked started on Super Reload feature Project Plan [Michael]
  • [MISSED] Work with product and engineering teams to get worked started on Network Down feature Project Plan [Michael]
  • [MISSED] Work with engineering to collect data on broken installs Project Plan [Michael]


  • [DONE] Establish strategy and implement support for Firefox on tablets [Michelle] Tablet_Support
  • [DONE] Provide self-service content for all top privacy issues for mobile Firefox [Michelle] Mobile_Privacy_Support
  • [DONE] Reduce the weekly unanswered mobile questions by 50% [Michelle] Mobile_Unanswered_Questions
  • [DONE] Grow local meetup group (double the size of membership from 17 to 34) and host three events (Oct 5th, Nov 2nd, Dec 7th) [Michelle] Android_Meetup_Growth


  • [MISSED] Implement marketplace support changes in SUMO [Ibai] Project plan
    • Based on the research and plans defined in Q3. Set up the foundation of the Marketplace support with the required SUMO features and content.
    • Content creation is deferred to Q1 once the final UX/UI is finalized.
  • [MISSED] Define and deploy e-mail support ticket system [Ibai] Project plan
    • Define basic policies and processes
    • Deploy ticket system
    • Hire support staff (contractor)

Metrics & Insights

  • [DONE] Put out two more 6-weekly reports and follow through on those insights with QA, development, product teams [Ibai/Cww/Michelle]
  • [ON TRACK] Implement P1 metrics from metrics discussion [Cww]
    • Presentation of Reads
    • Traffic for Forum alone

Community & L10N

  • [MISSED] Rollout Karma, explain to community what Karma is, how it works, how it benefits them and our users [Kadir] [Project Plan]
  • [DONE] Participate in MozCamp Europe/Asia [Kadir] Project Plan
  • [DONE] Install SUMO Special interest group at REMO. Officially set up the group, define requirements, expectations etc [Michelle/Ibai] [SUMO SIG]
  • [ON TRACK] Make community feel more friendly [Michelle/Kadir/Cheng/Michael] SUMO fun
  • [DONE] Launch activities to increase awareness of SUMO among MoCo employees and increase participation [Michelle/Michael] MOCO and SUMO
  • [MISSED] Increase number of committed knowledge base contributors by 3 [Michelle/Michael] Project Plan
    • Improve automated feedback and processes to welcome new contributors
    • Increase outreach to new editors
    • Continue KB editors meeting and invite new editors to join
  • [DONE] Promote 2 knowledge base contributors to reviewers [Michelle/Michael] Project Plan
    • Document reviewer tasks more clearly
  • [DONE] Let people log-in to Verbatim without having to send in a signed contributors agreement [Kadir] [Project Plan]

SUMO development

SUMO development roadmap

Knowledge Base

  • [NEW] Support development and implementation of KB taxonomy and other UX improvements [Michael] Project Plan