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Meeting Details

Mondays (meeting duration approx. 30 minutes) at:

  • 9:00 AM PST
  • 12:00 Noon EST
  • 16:00 UTC during summer
  • 18:00 CET
  • 11:00 CST

Phone call details:

  • California: 1-650-903-0800, x92 then 9309 then #,
  • Toll-free: +1 800 707 2533, pin 369 - then 9309 then #
  • Skype (free): +1 800 707 2533, pin 369 - then 9309 then # #sumo <== Click the link to use web-based chat

Sumo Development Update

  • more frequent pushes to production (maybe daily)
    • bugs will be marked fixed when the fix is pushed to production
  • 03-06-12 tomorrow
    • marketplace stuff, branding changes, style changes.
  • ~ halfway point of 2012.5 sprint
  • Start thinking about what should be in next sprint starting 2012-03-13.
    • if there is something you feel is important for the next sprint, please notify sumodev



Please add your comments, questions and updates here.

  • Firefox Clinic - We'll be hosting an event in the San Francisco space on March 24th. We'll be promoting this to the local community as way for them to get free one-on-help with Firefox. More info in this forum thread.
    • blog posts and other press coming
  • Thanks for another great SUMO day! You answered 96% of the questions asked last Thursday! Michelle will send out more details later this week.
    • looking for data on how many thread owners came back to reply to a post when they were asked for more info

Firefox Status Update

  • release next week!!!
  • there may be an issue with page load times. if you you're currently experiencing any such issue on the beta channel, report details.


Knowledge Base

  • Document all the things! - let's start with a latest issues team.
    • based on UX feedback, many questions are popular temporarily. We could try an issue tracking system that makes it easier to create articles for them and update them when the issues are fixed.
    • Verdi will post about it with more info.



Support Forum

Second Roundtable

  • Rosana and Madalina, there currently isn't a section for community. If you'd like to add a community section to the agenda, please feel free to.
  • Will sumo handle add-on help?
    • No changes to the already existing policy, which is: we help people use the add-ons ecosystem, but don't cover how to use specific add-ons.

Chat Log

11:07 michelleluna: SUMO meeting starting now
11:08 michelleluna: sumo dev update, we're at half-way point of sprint
11:08 michelleluna: so they're starting to think about what will go into the next sprint
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11:09 michelleluna: so, the idea for the sprints is that as the bugs are fixed, they get applied to stage, then to production, so bugs could get fixed every day or every other day
11:09 Swarnava has joined (chatzilla@82894587.F752D5D3.EC4A85D5.IP)
11:09 michelleluna: we don't mark as Fixed until a bug lands in production, which should be less confusing
11:10 michelleluna: right now we're (sumodev) working on marketplace stuff, branding a style nits and making progress on the questions changes, so we hide older questions without answers
11:11 michelleluna: and search improvements are ongoing
11:11 bram: Check out the sitemap that we’re going to test this week:
11:11 bram: Wrong URL, and wrong timing
11:11 Swarnava: bram :)
11:11 mib_yeh0p5 has joined (Mibbit@56901E23.E71120F3.B2C888B8.IP)
11:12 michelleluna: UX update: last week we finished article sorting
11:12 tan: Hi mib_yeh0p5
11:12 smo has joined (
11:12 smo: howdi!
11:12 michelleluna: analysis has happened, and article renaming has been shared with verdi
11:12 michelleluna: and synonyms were shared with ibai
11:13 michelleluna: bram is going through the recommendations to pick out things we need to do
11:14 michelleluna: and putting them into another document that will be shared today or tomorrow
11:14 michelleluna: this week, ux is going to run a new test on the new architecture site map
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11:14 bram: The right URL to the test we’re going to run this week is
11:17 michelleluna: so, this week we'll present the new info architecture and then we'll begin the paper-prototyping tests, which will take a few weeks
11:17 michelleluna: so, after we do that, we can start the actual graphic design work
11:19 michelleluna: can we see the test data?
11:20 bram: The card sorting test result can be viewed here:
11:22 bram: The link to the previous TreeJack test is:
11:24 smo: In the test results all articles are created equal - which is, as we know, not realistic
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11:24 smo: should be good to know, how the top 20 are distributed - accesible
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11:25 michelleluna: smo: it is based on the 100 most viewed pages, the other set of the data is based on the search queries
11:26 michelleluna: , but maybe you are on the call and can hear what bram is saying
11:26 michelleluna: :)
11:26 smo: michelune: thx Im on ther call - shutting upč=
11:26 michelleluna: to normalize for location of the page in the page links, we normalized with the search data
11:26 smo: bram GOOD
11:26 michelleluna: ok, no worries, that is a good question!
11:27 bram: smo: good question! we want to make sure that the most found articles (top 100 pages) matches most wanted (top search queries)
11:27 smo: micheluna Itćs just the plain Pareto way of thinking (20% investment solves 80% of the problem)
11:28 bram: smo: essentially, top articles only tells part of the story, so we use another data source to assemble the tasks we use to test on TreeJack.
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11:30 michelleluna: firefox clinic update: march 24th we're hosting users with firefox problems for one-on-one help
11:31 michelleluna: at the mozilla san francisco space; this is a pilot, so anyone can use the pilot experience to host their own clinic in their location
11:32 michelleluna: we'll be posting more details over the next couple of weeks
11:32 michelleluna: there is a forum thread for this posted in the agenda
11:34 Cww: michelleluna: I can give you actual stats on this if you want.
11:35 tan: sumobot: ping
11:35 sumobot: tan: pong
11:37 michelleluna: great sumo day, we answered 96% of questions asked
11:38 michelleluna: antoher metric that would be useful is knowing the percentage of original posters that come back and provide more info or that marks as solved
11:39 michelleluna: we think we should count both (more info or marked solved)
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11:41 michelleluna: feel free to share your experiences on the thread about sumo days
11:41 michelleluna: firefox update: things are getting busy now in prep for FF1
11:41 michelleluna: *FF11
11:41 michelleluna: if you see slow page loads, please let cww know, we are looking at this closely now
11:42 michelleluna: no new mobile metrics updates, need to get this up-to-date...
11:42 michelleluna: KB update from verdi:
11:43 michelleluna: one thing we're working on is articles for transient problems related to a release, we're always working on these types of articles
11:44 michelleluna: and this work often conflicts with work on articles to support the upcoming release
11:44 michelleluna: so, it would be great to form a team just for documenting the transient issues, it could be an article that just points to a forum thread that solves the problem
11:45 michelleluna: it would be great to connect the work on the forum with this type of effort, a small team that crosses over from the forum where problems are surfaced to the kb
11:45 smo: @michaelverdi: the sticky article by cww was just perfect for this kind of occasions
11:47 michelleluna: yes, this idea would be to create one article per issue
11:48 michelleluna: mobile: two weeks until we need to have native UI documented for L10n
11:49 michelleluna: services: updates on increasing findability of the 'tab from other computers' link
11:50 michelleluna: sync as a backup service and browserID are still unlcear
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11:50 smo: will SuMo handle also adon help / hope not...
11:52 smo: SuMo is a honeypot where the people with adon problems will land anyhow
11:53 smo: the question was only to clarify the moot case / I agree 100%
11:54 smo: Kudos cwww;)
11:55 smo: you talking CA?
11:56 smo: thx
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11:56 Ibai: we have fun :P
11:56 smo: i dont yet know the voices... xcept Michale of course and you Michelle
11:57 smo: bye
11:57 smo has left IRC (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
11:58 Ibai: smo you should recognize my accent ;)