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  • Launch the pilot Firefox Clinic event


This project is user research for the support team. The idea is to get typical Firefox users who are having problems with the software to come in and get one on one help in person. By doing this we'll have a chance to lean from our users when they are actually in the process of trying to fix something. This is an incredibly useful scenario as it will allow us to see, first hand, what kinds of situations cause problems for people and how well our processes work. From this we hope to be able to:

  • File bugs.
  • Create a list of people who are willing to be contacted for follow-up about their issue if needed.
  • Document user stories.
  • Calibrate our view of Firefox users.
  • Allow the User Research team to interview participants.

Doing this will allow us to listen to our users and advocate for them in a way that's not possible without meeting with them in person. In addition, not only will this be helpful for the Support team but it would also be valuable for people from the Engineering, QA and Product teams.

Long-term possible outcomes:

  • Discover things that can be fixed or improved to make Firefox better.
  • By providing an opportunity to observe, interact with and learn from our users, we can improve the visibility and importance of support inside Mozilla.

Additional benefits:

  • Provide fantastic customer support

Project Plan

We need to develop a to-do list and have people be responsible for an area:

Marketing the event

  • [DONE] New name for the event and short description [MV] - Bug 725491 - Firefox Clinic: Having problems with Firefox? Join us at the Mozilla San Francisco office for in-person, in-depth support.
    • Facebook / Calendar / Craigslist:
      • Having problems with Firefox? Join us March 24th, between 11 and 4, at the San Francisco Mozilla space and get one-on-one help from a Firefox expert. Bring your laptop with you if you can or just help us understand the problem and we'll walk you though how to fix it. Register for this free event at
    • Twitter:
      • Having problems with Firefox? Get free 1-on-1 help from a Mozilla expert: Mar 24 in San Francisco - sign up at


I talked to William Reynolds about marketing the event and he had a few suggestions: 1. Get the event on local event calendars (on blogs, newspapers, etc.). He said to talk to Shannon Prior - she did this for a local event and he believes she used a company to do it. 2. He also recommended talking to Karen Prescott because she has a list of bay area event calendars that she can get things in to. 3. He said we could also use Facebook to target a San Francisco audience.

We should talk to the creative team about how to pitch this event to people, what to call it, how to write up an advertisement for it (email sent). The creative team said to figure out what you want help with and file a bug for each thing. (Title & copy, T-Shirts for staff)

I talked to Kate Naszradi. She wrote up this etherpad with suggestions.

Local event logistics

  • [DONE] Book the event (March 24th) with Cristina Akimoff the SF site coordinator [IG]
  • [DONE] Site security - speak with Cristina Akimoff to see what is required/recommended [IG/ML]
  • [DONE] Arrange catering - ask Cristina about this also [IG/ML]
  • [DONE] Loaner computers - Bug 729218 [IG]
  • [DONE] Create signs to guide people to the event - If you want help from Creative, file a bug [IG/ML]
  • [DONE] Sign up to use the Firefox costume - (will need to be picked up from and returned to Mountain View)
  • [DONE] Event documentation - ask Rainer if he and/or Spencer can do this [IG/ML]
  • [DONE] Create a schedule for helpers (General event help + SUMO helpers) Kate Naszradi said to talk to engagment about helping. [IG/ML]
  • [DONE] Get T-shirts printed for the staff [MV] - Bug 725494 The shirts will be delivered to the San Francisco office on 3/21


Some good suggestions are included in this etherpad. We should probably have people and signs to guide guests from outside, into the building, up the elevator and into the space.

  • Michelle uses to organize and promote the Firefox for Android meetup
  • Katherine Naszradi is a good resource. Michael will meet with her next week (week of Feb 6).
  • Diane Bisgeier has put on a number of WebFwd events in the San Francisco space.
  • Cristina Akimoff is the SF site coordinator. We need to book the event with her. She can probably help with many things.

Communicating the event to Mozillians

  • [DONE] Host a Brown Bag before the event [MV] - Bug 734086
  • [DONE] Blog about the event [MV] - recruiting helpers + getting the word out
  • [DONE] Announce event at the Monday meeting [CWW] - recruiting helpers + getting the word out
  • [DONE] Recruit event helpers [MV]
  • [DONE] Recruit SUMO helpers [MV]
  • [DONE] Speak to people and teams about attending [MV] - UR is already on board. Fx Developers, Product managers, UX team should/could attend.

Day of the event

  • [DONE] Sumo page with quick tips for helpers [MV]
  • [DONE] Support ticket/data collection method - need some way to write up what we did with each person.
  • [DONE] Method for follow up with users - stickers with bitly links to put on people's handouts
  • [DONE] Handouts with tips for users [MV]
  • [DONE] Traffic management System for managing who get's helped next - maybe using the video screens

How do we know it's done?


  • Event on Saturday, March 24th
  • Post-mortem during week of March 26th
Event Helpers 10:30 - 12:00 11:45 - 2:15 2:00 - 4:30
1 Dylan Verdi Dylan Verdi Dylan Verdi
2 Zhenshuo Fang
Kate Naszradi
3 (Firefox Costume)

Firefox Clinicians 10:30 - 12:00 11:45 - 2:15 2:00 - 4:30
1 Potch Tim Watts James Ouyang