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Purpose & Audience

Upcoming Client Releases

Firefox 11 (going to release: 2012-03-13)

  • Desktop
    • Addon Sync
      • 534956, 712542, 714202, 714383, 708134, 710448, 725083
    • bugfix, channel.URI is undefined in Sync, 704539
      • 15 dups of this bug, so should reduce errors users see
    • AppSync (this may not be the appsync you are thinking of)
      • 706545 landed (turned off) but neither toby nor ally know exactly what became of it nor what its future is
  • Mobile (XUL/tablet)
    • Addon Sync

Firefox 12 (going to beta, release: 2012-04-24)

  • Desktop
    • JPAKE pairing code is not accessible to accessibility APIs, 715877
    • Add "Tabs From Other Computers" to the Firefox button's History menu, 716271
    • "Firefox Recovery Key.html" permissions change, 716868
  • Mobile (XUL/tablet)

Firefox 13 (going to aurora, release: 2012-06-05)

  • Desktop
    • Papercut: add mention of "default" to server chooser in Firefox Sync setup, 727709
  • Mobile (XUL/tablet)
  • Native Mobile
    • already in aurora, will remain in aurora, see wildcard section

The wild card that is Native Fennec

  • Native is holding on the mobile side, sync is using that time to get as much as possible done, but no target release is known at this time.
  • Native may skip the train model fro the first release entirely
  • Help us help you

The wild card that is BID/Persona integration

  • we do not have a target release yet.


The wild card that is AppSync/Apps in the Cloud

Testing, Automation,QA & QoL

  • fixed orange: 700540
  • fixed orange: 711263
  • 702717, finalize the statements in services/sync/test/unit/test_async_querySpinningly.js
  • 712715, Intermittent failure in test_addon_nonrestartless_xpi.js
  • 716784, Enable FAIL_ON_WARNINGS in services/
  • 720596, Ensure all test code sets clusterURL and serverURL (marked as ffx13)

Past issues since last rapid release meeting

  • intermittent auth failures: 649231

Serverside Deployments Upcoming

Ops is blocked on decisions from other groups, so we don't have any *certainty* as to what's being deployed, or when, and cannot until this is resolved. :jvier and :mmayo are excellent first points of contact for more information about any of this semi-complete list of Ops-provided services that have been discussed in the past 6 weeks:

  • token
  • stoken
  • appsync
  • appstore
  • durable stores
  • resilient sync
  • userdb


  • Sync 2.0 (In Progress)
    • related bugs: 683359
  • KeyExchange spec v3 (has been declared finished)
    • 684074

2012 Roadmap

  • Is still in progress
    • high level was worked on this week, probably wednesday we are turning to a series of projects to make into a sequence
    • goal is to have it in sharable form by end of next week

New Feature Requests/Pitches

  • None have been declared
  • open call for new features?

Notes from the meeting

  • a new thing for those unable to make the meeting and future reference
  • Addon Sync did not get load tested
    • toby, connor & ally should be watching the servers when addon sync goes live
  • ops is not on services-dev, use services-all next time
  • follow up: ally, can we do large scale/load testing of java client
  • follow up: connor is following up mark & jv about bid questions