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Two changes to Bookmarks appearance

I'd like to see the Bookmarks, instead of being a single column, to cascade left to right like Windows 98 used to do, so we could see more of the bookmarks at the same time.

I'd also like to see the up and down arrows in the Bookmarks column to be a little larger to make it easier to click on them.

Flexible Bookmark Spacer

i searched everywhere for a tool that woul allow me to flexibly space my bookmarks apart in the navigator, and found none. Is there anything that could accomplish the task ? --Hagnat 09:58, 8 May 2008 (PDT)

Some flexibility and less cramping with the Add Bookmark dialog

I like the openbookmarks extension suggestion. In particular I'd like to have the ability to resize the Add dialog, and have whatever changes you make be 'sticky' so it remember she size/view options.

The new translucent gray Add Bookmark dialog with v3rc1 is neat, but doesn't fit with the rest of the FF skin.

Ability to right click on bookmark folder icons in the bookmark toolbar

As of FFv3.0rc1, you can right click on top level items in the Bookmark Toolbar. However if items are within a folder within the toolbar, you cannot right click to delete or modify them. This represents a lack of consistency in the interface, and necessitates a journey to the more involved Organize Bookmarks instead.

Page Organization

I really like the organization of Firefox/Feature_Brainstorming:Downloads. Each section is a general aspect of the feature and individual suggestions are listed under each section. I think it makes it easier for the developers and for contributors to see if their idea has already been mentioned. I'm not suggesting someone totally revamp the page, but I've already started by adding general section titles. So I think we should slowly migrate toward this style.