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Thunderbird Meeting Details


Action Items


  • nth10sd & wsmWK: Bug day on Thursday 17 April 2008.
    • nth10sd will be present for all three two timeslots, probably sessions 2 and 3.
    • wsmWK will not be able to make it.
    • Manpower issues
      • Please volunteer to help run the first session, or else it'll be at risk of cancellation.
  • Prepare Thunderbird 3 Alpha 1 release notes for the upcoming release.
    • nth10sd will see to it.
    • Suggestions for possible additions to notes?
      • Will post in newsgroup.


  • Previous bug day (10 April 2008)
    • Low turnout.
    • But high numbers of triaging per volunteer / developer.
      • We crossed into triple-digit territory for aggregate bug counts of changed bugs for the first time!

To Do

  • Rick: there is a possibility of resource shortage for TB 3.0a1 because of timing of FF releases. Rick is going to find out about build schedule, machine availability, QA and ftp issues for TB 3.0a1.
  • Mark and Andrew: attending to the first session of the bug day (6am-8am PDT) on Thursday
  • Emre and Gary: attending to the second session of the bug day (2pm-4pm PDT) on Thursday
  • Wayne: Helping Gary at session 3 of the bug day on Thursday
  • Everyone: a code name needed for TB alpha1. Name ideas should be posted and discussed on newsgroup, possibly this week.


  • Driving: there are 4 possible collisions for TB releases with FF to come. It is recommended that the driver should reconsider TB release date(s) to avoid possible resourcing issues in the future.


  • Interesting Thunderbird user study.
    • By Carnegie Mellon.
  • Standard8
    • Performance Tests
    • Mail Leak and Bloat tests
    • Checked in bug 427853 and bug 424567 which are both improvements to the current address book manager interfaces for getting directories and mailing lists.
    • Now have a MacBook (still getting used to it)
  • Andrew Sutherland (asuth)
    • Bugs
      • Currently looking into transparent drag-and-drop issue. We should probably just use a custom drag icon, but I think I have figured out how to actually get the transparency working.
      • Found that TB 1.5 will corrupt TB 2.0 filter rules involving labels/tags. Marked WONTFIX, but FYI. (Situation technically could occur for 2.0/3.0 if we added another filter action rule... I'll log a new bug and provide a patch.)
    • pecobro, the Performance Code Browser
      • It parses all the sunbird javascript now, and the syntax highlighting is able to map to the underlying AST. Reasonable semantic understanding in place, but not super-fancy.
      • Plan to use it against Standard8's leak test automation (but not for leak testing) real-soon-now.
  • rick
    • Have been working with Nick Thomas on getting the thunderbird build more automated. (using buildbot to drive bootstrap which in turn drives tinderbox). This is still on-going. There have been a number of bumps along the way. :)
    • The tbird release will happen soon, but if there's contention with resources for Fx3, Fx3 will go first. There is still ff to be released as well (which by all indications will happen Wed April 16).
  • emre
    • Bugs
      • Working on blocker bug 410747 and bug 422178. Both are IMAP threading issues. Patch has been submitted, but should be converted to XPCOM proxy mechanism - again.
      • Patch for blocker bug 412363 has been submitted.
      • Patch for another security MIME bug has been submitted.
    • While working on low level bugs, I am trying to document the system architecture as much as possible. You can check the diagrams at System Diagrams
    • This week I am going to work more on blocker bugs. Additionally 1 code improvement patch, 1 security patch for MIME waiting for me to be submitted. Also will continue to improve the system diagrams page and newbies wiki page.
  • nth10sd (Gary)
    • As mentioned above, bugday execution and preparation.
    • Occasional bug triage.
    • Will prepare Thunderbird 3.0 Alpha 1 release notes.


Standard8 (Mark) , nth10sd (Gary), rick, asuth (Andrew), clarkbw (Bryan), wsmWK (Wayne), beckley (Jeff), jminta (Joey), emre