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Thunderbird Meeting Details


Action Items


  • AI:group write down desired IMAP offline behavior on wiki page for next week
    • emre: not much participation outside of a few people
  • AI:Standard8/clarkbw: mac addrbook UI
  • AI:davida guided form doesn't allow version unsetting
  • AI:davida bugzilla should _refuse_ unspecified version
  • AI:davida version field UI in bugzilla should be clarified
  • AI:davida should have "file bug" menu item in nightlies/alphas
    • dmose: email conversations started regarding these but likely to punt on moving forward; carry over to next week for davida response
  • AI:asuth figure out what installer work needs to be done for bug 375922
    • asuth: figured out. porting from firefox installer-related patches in progress.
  • AI:clarkbw create design for UI around Emre's Implementation Proposal pieces
  • AI:emre begin work on offline operation playback feature



  • When
    • Planned code freeze: July 8, 23:59 Pacific

General Planning

QA Updates

  • Previous bugday on 22 May 2008.
    • Only session 2 staffed.
    • Record numbers, almost 200 bugs touched during the whole 17 hour period.
      • Partially due to the closemes of old incomplete bugs.
    • Total 1,000+ bugs touched so far in <10 bugdays.
    • See the spreadsheet of results.
  • Next bugday on 29 May 2008. (10th bugday)
    • nth10sd will be there for session 2 only.


  • Status Updates
    • dmose
    • nth10sd
      • Usual bugday events. Lots of closemes!
      • Half-busy with other intern interactions. :)
      • Tried another take at patching bug 249620 but not successful.
      • Learning new stuff in preparation for improved future events
        • hg - Mercurial is our future VCS!
        • gdb - providing relevant debugging information for devs
        • Will take some time to pick them up.
    • Standard8
      • Reviews
      • Unit Tests
        • Discussions regarding unit test setup and teardown.
        • Came up with (much better? - TBD) revised proposal earlier today by extending the core xpcshell test code bug 434810
        • Investigated Mac Memory Leak during xpcshell tests - issue with xpcshell, raised bug 435853 and submitted patch.
        • Fixed up hwaara's patch from bug 421050 on bug 434708 and drove it into the code base (When creating folders don't iterate the directory whilst we are changing its contents, and remove a couple of bogus warnings).
      • Got Mac OSX UI patch ready for review bug 397811
      • Investigated current frozen linkage state, building a partial (i.e. very incomplete) libxul based Thunderbird with toolkit autocomplete so that I can start to compare and contrast xpfe and toolkit autocomplete functionality.
    • asuth.
      • exciting move preparation.
      • I am out on Wednesday (probably) for dental-related fun.
      • vista installer work, initiated by bug 375922
        • Surveyed all the Firefox installer work that needs to be ported to Thunderbird
        • Up to speed on the horrible NSIS scripting language
        • Currently porting the main two Vista bugs over (bug 370571, bug 399381).
        • Hope to get MSDN OS license this week so as to be able to do some VM testing of installs; perhaps create some automation a la bug 423754 (installer units tests).
        • Note: It sounds like the plan is to eventually move to MSI installers, but I think we'd have to be crazy to be the first ones to do that.
      • Slow deletion bug bug 29643
        • Spun off bug 435228 for nsMsgMailSession::AddFolderListener allowing duplicate listeners. patch has r+, sr requested.
        • Will provide unit test this week and request review for topological sort patch.
        • Will spin off my in-progress patch to make nsIMsgMailSession support nsIFolderListener filtering based on "target type" to a new bug. Will probably finish implementing the XPCOM-initiated type inference for pecobro to support this.
      • General Bug Stuff
        • Investigated bug 435154/bug 435172 alleged performance problems relating to HTML messages with large tables and interaction with mark all as read. Appears to be problem localized to only one of reporter's computers; awaiting feedback from reporter to see if there's really anything fixable/relnote-able on the part of any Mozilla code at all.
        • bug 403132 the dtrace double-probe Makefile fix has not met with approval by the Make overlord; more elegant solution proposed, awaiting feedback.
    • clarkbw
      • immigration papers, new apartment, and packing
      • memorial day vacation
      • pushing bug 231541, probably need to mark as wanted‑thunderbird3
      • ui review of bug 217942
      • watching bug 249620
      • finally made progress on two extensions in amo waiting for recommended and trusted status
      • spend a bit of time explaining my mozilla summit travel situation
      • worked on theme refresh coordination for a bit
      • some blog posts
    • wsmwk
      • focusing bugdays on recently filed bugs and increasing participation
    • rick
    • gozer
      • Pretty much competed my physical relocation, more work than originally anticipated
      • All Sun hardware is racked, powered, and ready to go
      • Our Sun Thumper is online, all 18 Tb of storage of it
      • Basic networking in the rack is up and running, still need to figure out where everything is plugged and into what
      • Work started on basic core infrastructure for system managment (change control, automation, etc)
      • First target on the immediate list is a VMware server to run the requested new build boxes bug 422817 & bug 428398
    • emre
      • Working on bug 435153, expected to submit a patch before next status meeting.
      • Better Faster IMAP page is up, feedback has been very low so far.
      • Plan to include bug 435153 to 3.0a2.
      • Preemptive/Automatic message caching feature needs more investigation before coming with a deadline.


nth10sd, dmose, dascher, clarkbw, wsmwk, standard8, bienvenu, gozer, asuth, kairo, emre, rick, magnus