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Thunderbird Meeting Details


Action Items


  • AI:group write down desired IMAP offline behavior on wiki page for next week
    • emre: not much participation outside of a few people
  • AI:clarkbw different list view?
  • AI:Standard8/clarkbw: mac addrbook UI
  • AI:davida schedule postmortem for 3.0a1
    • dmose: not aware this has been already scheduled, maybe tomorrow
  • AI:davida guided form doesn't allow version unsetting
  • AI:davida bugzilla should _refuse_ unspecified version
  • AI:davida version field UI in bugzilla should be clarified
  • AI:davida should have "file bug" menu item in nightlies/alphas
    • dmose: email conversations started regarding these but likely to punt on moving forward; carry over to next week for davida response
  • AI:group read/edit Thunderbird:Road Map To XULRunner‎
  • AI:group read/edit MailNews:Address Book RoadMap
    • standard8: carry these both forward to next week, wait for davida response


  • AI:dmose mail release-drivers to start 3.0a1 push
  • AI:emre send recently written IMAP docs to bienvenu for review: Done on IRC
    • emre: updated wiki page, sent to newsgroup


  • W00t!


  • Why? - Release goals TBD
  • When
    • Planned code freeze: July 8, 23:59 Pacific

General Planning

  • bug 375922 Comment 6 states: "As for Thunderbird 3 there is a significant amount of installer / uninstaller work to be done and much of the work requires adding a manifest which would fix this."
    • AI: asuth — Talk to rob, figure out what needs to be done for bug 375922

QA Updates

Post Session Chat

Chat with emre, clarkbw, bienvenu, dmose after meeting about Better Faster IMAP


  • Status Updates
    • dmose
      • reviews
      • trunk/branch discussion
      • shredder 3.0a1 work
      • various catchup
    • nth10sd
      • Slowed down pace of activities, post-Shredder Alpha 1 intensive QA work.
      • Found bug 434644, an IMAP crash yesterday.
      • Occasional bug triage.
      • Also tested download links of Shredder Alpha 1 once release was signed-off
        • There was a slight issue of one platform's links not working properly; rectified immediately pre-official-announcement of Shredder Alpha 1.
    • Standard8
      • Bug triage (mainly in the Build component)
      • Auto-complete transfer to toolkit:
        • Fix bug 309081 - synchronised the case of various attributes of the xpfe autocomplete bindings to be the same as the toolkit ones.
        • Started work on implementing toolkit-based interfaces bug 370306
      • Automated Tests
        • Finished bug 432812 - tidying up how we do the unit test patches, please see the wiki page for more info.
          • One problem is that check-interactive doesn't work properly, see bug 384339
        • Updated hwaara's patch on bug 421050 in bug 434708 - this will mean that we can do local folder creation correctly in unit tests and drop some bogus warnings.
      • Password Manager Migration
        • Tidied up some of the SMTP Service code bug 433687
        • Submitted patch for correcting the LDAP URL code, but later withdrew (more issues to sort out) bug 419595
      • Mac OS X Directory UI
        • Started work on bug 397811.
        • Looks possible, though a bit of a hack, should be able to tidy it up more before TB 3.
      • Miscellaneous
    • asuth
      • in general, a light week due to much Vancouver-move preparation and some Debian/Ubuntu (non-MoMo) OpenSSL fallout
      • bug 296453 - deleting lots of messages can be slow (threading/notification issues)
        • did some duping to this bug during investigations
        • patch in-progress for making nsIMsgMailSession support nsIFolderListener filtering based on "target type"; trying to understand (and document!) the usage patterns a little bit better so I can tell whether there is a more elegant (but still pragmatic) fix possible. this has led to some more pecobro enhancements...
      • pecobro - began some more enhancements so that I can understand what JS code is using the nsIFolderListener interface. This can be done using static inference. Probably 75-80% of the way there now. (Need to make scoping/evaluation logic potentially aware of types and flow them from XPCOM.)
        • Created an Antlr3 grammar for XPIDL. (Thought about using PyXPCOM to just reflect the info out, but there's utility in having a direct correspondence with the source file. Also, less potential horrible issues.) Not surprising, but all the available XPIDL syntax-y documentation is incomplete and sometimes wrong.
        • XPIDL grokking code added, sufficient for our needs.
        • Minimal XPIDL Pygments lexer created (easier than trying to involve the Antlr grammar.)
        • Added tabs to show the global reads/writes performed by each file, as well as who is known to write to/read from those globals. Concept of 'global' is currently naive (all files share the same global space) because we don't comprehend XUL overlays yet.
        • Bulked up the javascript grokking logic to do a fairly good job on global reads/writes and general scoping logic. let/var scoping fairly happy.
        • Processing a full run that I hope to upload and blog about, but I wouldn't be surprised if it explodes. UPDATE: post is here
      • bug 403132, the double-counted DTrace probes bug
    • clarkbw
    • wsmwk
    • rick
    • emre
      • Worked on Better Faster IMAP project
        • Mostly did code investigation
        • Started to implement the changes to make Delete/Move operation faster. It is at experimental stage.
        • Listed UX related questions that should be addressed by clarkbw
        • Wrote high level requirements for a possible proxy mechanism based on my understanding of the current codebase - needs review from bienvenu


nth10sd, Standard8, emre, bienvenu, asuth, !wsmwk, rick, clarkbw, dmose