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Thunderbird Meeting Details


Action Items


  • AI:clarkbw continuing to drive MailNews:Address Book New Card
    • Getting started, mockups soon to come up post-discussion.
    • Standard8 and dmose will help with this.
  • AI:clarkbw create design on wiki for Experimental Message View
  • AI:emre begin work on imap preemptive message download feature
  • AI:dmose Thunderbird 3 roadmap and planning with davida.
    • AI:dmose split out into roadmap and beyond plus concrete stuff for alpha 2
      • NOTE: specific mention needs to be made of quality goals


  • AI:nth10sd Gathering ideas on a proposed unit test infrastructure and come up with a newsgroup post. -- Done!

Thunderbird:Shredder a2

  • When
    • Planned code freeze: July 8, 23:59 Pacific

QA Updates


  • Status Updates
    • dmose
    • nth10sd
      • Unit Test Ideas have been put up.
      • More mail assertions. bug 438419, bug 438700 and bug 439012.
      • Triage and bugday, unconfirmed bugs have dropped below 3,000.
        • nshopik took over session 2 after I had a (friend's) medical emergency last week and wsmwk wasn't available.
    • Standard8
      • Reviews
      • Bug triage
      • Autocomplete
        • Finished fixing bug 438333 - makes determining which ABs to use for autocomplete easier.
        • bug 370306 Submitted test case for nsAbAutoCompleteMyDomain
        • bug 370306 Submitted patch for review that moves local AB search across to the toolkit interfaces.
      • OS X Address Book
        • bug 437903 Finished fixing so that we can now send to non-mork mailing lists, however OS X ones still won't work, bug 437903
        • Fixed bug: bug 439498 Disable mailing list delete option for OS X lists/read-only lists.
        • New bugs: bug 439470 (Properties Dialog not read-only), bug 439471 (Allow remote images is selectable on OS X cards), bug 439475 (Crashes when items deleted from OS X address book - has possible patch).
      • Automated Testing
        • Looked at issues surrounding initialisation and shutdown of the account manager
        • Supplied patch for bug 431130 (core test failing on Thunderbird)
      • Password Manager
        • Started trying to look at some code improvements. Came to the conclusion that I need to write a wiki page mapping out the current URL and protocol handler set up in mailnews and what needs fixing.
      • Misc
    • asuth.
      • Global database work. Released milestone 0.
    • bienvenu
      • Many reviews
      • Helped Sid with folder notification stuff
      • Thx to Gozer, got two test imap accounts with CONDSTORE and verified that the basic support is working in my tree
      • Worked on bugs in tag handling bug 439132,bug 438724
      • Fixed regression in single folder saved searches bug 438786
      • Working on regression in imap folder counts when filters applied bug 439380
    • Emre
    • Gozer
    • clarkbw
    • wsmwk
      • bug triage and bugday planning
      • recruiting
    • rick
    • jcranmer
      • Extension development
        • bug 433801 Updated and asked for reviews
        • [1] has most recent updates
      • Demorkification
        • bug 418551 Added profiling tests
        • bug 424446 Morkreader now fully parsing dictionaries (recovered code)
      • Miscellany
        • bug 437886 Making db service usable from JS
        • Testing news subscribe code
    • beckley
      • Reply quoting selection feature was accepted! bug 23394
      • Sync to latest Mozilla sources caused a number of regressions in Penelope code that had to be fixed
      • Moved session store info to a separate file for robustness and speed, and now using JSON as format
      • Moved the Selected Text URL menu items in to the Edit menu (they were in the Tools menu), which required a fix to some menus/menupopups: bug 438778
      • Talked with davida and dmose, and I'm going to be taking the lead on the indexed search feature
      • Moved bug 359226 from Penelope to TB, which is the Redirect feature, and it's waiting on review