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Thunderbird Meeting Details


Action Items

  • Hg integration of calendar (see long thread on the planning newsgroup)
    • Philip and KaiRo were here, but not bsmedberg, so punting
    • dmose to set up next meeting
    • Other issues:
      • Scalability
      • Easier to go from two repos to one than vice versa (?)
      • hg has slower initial download (is it important?)
      • What should the structure be?
  • How should we plan to QA alpha2?
    • nth10sd's last week -> need new QA
    • 5 platforms for litmus test & BST for Windows
      • XP, Vista, OS X (PPC), OS X (Intel), Linux
      • Need someone to take up head QA (wsmwk?)
      • One person to take each (one could take multiple platforms)
  • Future milestones
    • Current schedule gives for 5 milestones through March
    • RC 1 in January or March?
      • January - beta 1 comes after alpha 2
      • March - less time for slippage
    • Date-driven release, not feature-driven
    • Probably better to do sooner rather than shiny new features


  • Use of priorities
    • Not much use for wanted-alpha, use priorities instead?
    • blocking-alpha, blocking-3, wanted-3 keep
    • No objections to strategy

Thunderbird:Shredder a2

  • Blockers:
    • Most (all but two) with an owner
    • Keep list shrinking

QA Updates

  • bugday keeps on chugging
    • last week set yet another new record for bugs changed and touched
    • From the current foci: IMAP UNCOnfirmed dropped 16% in last 12 days, estimate similar if not greater drop in next 2 weeks; UNCOnfirmed "recent bugs with no responses" and "General" - counts not going up, but also not going down
    • this week - hopefully with 3 staffed sessions (more likely 2?)
  • Note the impending bmo reorg (date TBD), and concurrent, proposed mailnews cleanup. Feedback needed. bugmail warning
  • The above activities affect the mailnews subset of bugs from previously proposed "patch day", which intends to review and clean up "old patches". The proposed mailnews cleanup suggests triaging/touching this subset now, before the reorg+cleanup hits.


Status Updates


  • work days with Emre & David
  • met with MoFo Executive Director candidate
  • roadmap work (hope to have a draft up tonight)
  • more module-owner stuff
    • myk has agreed to be a peer of an (unowned) RSS module
  • lots of misc community stuff; a few reviews


  • last formal week of internship
    • no worries, I will still be around in IRC / Bugzilla / email though. :)
    • may be sporadic in the next few weeks after Friday though.
    • all in all, I hope I finish my internship with Thunderbird in a better state than it was in, when I first started months ago.
  • last bugday was amazing, see QA updates above.
  • (ongoing) discussions about impact of Bugzilla reorg.
  • poking ppl wrt. old Thunderbird security bugs, e.g. bug 360800
  • fixed a Javascript hang in Firefox 2 / Thunderbird 2. bug 437288


  • Reviews
  • Address Book
    • bug 439320 Use timed textbox for quick searches
    • bug 437619 Unfork and co-locate the common js code relating to the results pane window
      • Currently awaiting reviews, once this is fixed will be able to fix bug 438035 which will fix the issues with nsAbView
  • Automated Testing
    • Most of POP3 fakeserver implementation written, some issues with socket closing/reconnection. Possibly won't pick up again until after Shredder a2.
  • Autocomplete
    • bug 370306 Local Address Book autocomplete is now running on toolkit interfaces
    • bug 441530 Toolkit autocomplete incorrectly sets "nomatch" attribute (almost ready for review)
    • bug 441526 Implement highlightNonMatches, patch written, needs tests and possible xpfe port.
    • Suspect the autofillonmatch will require interface changes, won't be suitable for 1.9.0 branch.
  • Password Manager
    • Started to document more information about MailNews and how Password Management/URLs/protocol handlers currently work, to try and get my head around the issues we are facing.
  • OS X Address Book
    • Found a potential fix for bug 439475 (deleting OS X AB items), needs a bit more work
    • 4 other OS X bugs outstanding, suspect 2 are related.
  • Misc
    • bug 440513 Improve contextual information for delete menu option in the address book (awaiting reviews)



  • Reviews
  • Two day information exchange with Emre and Dmose
  • Fixed test harness to generate profile paths consistent with apps
  • Fixed offline deleted IMAP messages reappearing briefly and disappearing, bug 440219
  • Fixed removing all tags from local messages bug 439132
  • Fixed problem with IMAP message counts after filters fire, bug 439380



  • Filled a bunch of forms, getting keys to our new place, good.
  • Linux RefPlatform rebuilt and automated
  • Buildbot Master up and running
    • No external access yet
    • Can interact thru thunderbot for now
  • Buildbot Linux slave up, running and producing working builds
  • Finally untangled MSDN, getting the media I need
    • Win32 Buildbot imminent
  • IRC Log bot up and running, needs some discussion on transparency/access
  • Primary Sun Fire X4150 possibly died
    • Might be fixable, might need Sun Support bug 441558
    • Validated current setup, moving all 3 VMs over to another X4150 took < 5 minutes.
  • Nagios up and running, even if minimal
  • Blogged some, gotta blog some more



  • Research and planning for bugday and proposed mailnews cleanup. Feedback wanted.
  • Triage



  • Some bug triage (seen every UNCO in wsmwk's news query)
  • Addressing dmose's bug 413260 comments
  • Implementing morkreader
    • Done, except for an nsTArray crash, tests, and actually using it
  • bug 418551 (de-morkification in folder cache) profiling and work
  • Fixing bug 437886 (needed for account type as extension)
  • Fixing bug 428614 (crasher)
  • Updating NNTP fakeserver and adding tests for bug 16913
    • NNTP fakeserver can now be used for QA purposes
    • Still need fakeserver usage documentation


  • Added UI for filter contexts: bug 440635
    • Needs ui-review from clarkbw
  • Adding code to do manual filtering on selected messages in a mailbox
  • Awaiting dmose final comment on bug 359226 whether or not Thunderbird needs the redirect UI or it should just remain in Penelope
  • Got Mac debugging of xpcshell under XCode working and tested out some code for sid0


nth10sd, dmose, wsmwk, davida, standard8, gozer, Philip, Kairo, bienvenu, jcranmer, asuth, emre, beckley