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Thunderbird Meeting Details


Action Items


    • davida to blog about QA smoke testing
    • dmose to do clarifying post about how TB 3.0 roadmap should work w.r.t feature freeze, string freeze, etc.
    • Need a name for the new Hg repository - comm-central is current proposal


  • Hg integration of calendar (see long thread on the planning newsgroup)
    • Agreement reached; KaiRo moving forward with testing
    • SeaMonkey, Thunderbird, Lightning going to Hg
    • Calendar will stay in CVS for now

Thunderbird:Shredder a2

  • Blockers:
    • bug 434642
    • address book refactoring waiting for sr
    • swapping urls between and MoMo ready to go
    • Mystery Thunderbird Mac bug (memory mgmt issue)
    • Hanging message search term awaiting dmose review
  • 4 Nominated blockers
    • davida will over those today

davida met with MoCo build folks TB 2.016 be built using build automation, after FF 2.016 and 3.0 A1 build go out.

3.0a2 builds might start July 8, if build team can fix some problems. Should we just branch or delay code freeze? Would important bug fixes make a2 that otherwise wouldn't? We wouldn't have a long code freeze either way. Standard8 - would it delay moving to hg? Resolution - go ahead as scheduled.

Rebranding from MoCo to Mozilla Messaging will happen in A2 but it will probably still be called Thunderbird instead of Shredder because there doesn't seem to be activity on the bug. Standard8 will investigate.

QA Updates

  • bugday keeps on chugging.
    • last week - good stats, several new volunteers, and all three sessions staffed
    • one new moderator, Joe, showed up and did well.
    • this week - staffing and focus TBD
  • Note the impending bmo reorg (date TBD), and concurrent, proposed mailnews cleanup. bugmail warning
  • We're flying blind with Mac crashes because of bug 411171 - Thunderbird Mac tinderbox crashing in dump_syms
  • ETA Test Day for Shredder 3.0a2 July 17?


Status Updates

  • drove hg repo discussion to agreement
  • wrote, circulated, & blogged 3.0 driving proposal
  • met with potential contributors of DKIM work
  • the usual community, review, etc. miscellany
  • will be afk from 5th to 12th July.
  • Autocomplete
    • Submitted patch for correcting "nomatch" on toolkit autocomplete (bug 441350)
    • Proposed patches for bug 441526 (implement highlightNonMatches on toolkit autocomplete).
    • Fixed regression bug 441586 - we weren't matching nicknames for mailing lists
    • Fixed setting the default index in autocomplete results
  • OS X Address Book
    • Fixed crash bug 439475 when deleting items form the Mac OS X Address Book application with Thunderbird open
    • bug 439470 Implemented read-only mailing list UI
    • Found out problems with sending to (bug 437903) and displaying (bug 439470) mailing lists, hope to get a fix in for Alpha 2.
  • Other Address Book
  • Memory Leaks
    • bug 365723 Fixed memory leak from standalone message window due to not removing listeners
    • bug 356623 Fixed leak monitor report of memory leak in account manager (not really a leak issue).
  • Misc
  • I live in Canada now!
  • global database work resumes...
  • Fixed ldap connection leak in abAutoCompleteSession - bug 382446 and investigated other ldap connection issues.
  • Made good progress on CondStore, including working around a Zimbra bug bug 436151. The remaining open issue is detecting expunges issued from other client which will involve keeping track of how many /DELETED messages we think there are.
  • Code reviews.
  • Answered questions on IRC.
  • Worked on clearing out bugs from my bug list.
  • Doing military service
  • Buildbot setup is churning
    • Bonsai notified
    • Linux dep build: GREEN
    • OSX deb build: GREEN
    • Win32 is blocked, we need Visual Studio 2005
      • Would Visual C++ 8 Express be good enough for now ?
    • Unit Tests ( make -C mail check ) in progress...
    • Tinderbox reporting in progress...
  • Submitted my first puny Thunderbird patch bug 442052
  • Supermicro Blades are : UP
    • Means we can now start thinking about hosting our own publicly visible services
      • DNS
      • HTTPS?
      • SMTP
  • Sun Hardware
    • At least 2 of the 4 Sun 4150 we own have failed quite miserably, probably due to bad hardware, need to chase this down with Sun. Making work with 2 for now.
  • Personnal
    • Day off : Friday July 4th (delayed Canada Day)
    • Moving in: Monday July 7th (tentative)
  • I'm 2 hours away from Canada, arriving today
  • Catching up on emails and newsgroups
  • Will be back full time thursday
  • preparing for QA of Shredder 3.0a2
    • Admin access and Review litmus tests
    • Getting volunteers for litmus and other tests
  • preparing for QMO Mailnews reorg
    • awaiting date from justdave
    • smontag agreed to traige/fix up bugs a=jshin1987
    • still lots to do
  • bug triage
  • working on pushing Outlook import bugs, esp crashers
  • Added UI for filter contexts: bug 440635
    • Needs ui-review from clarkbw
  • Adding code to do manual filtering on selected messages in a mailbox
  • Awaiting dmose final comment on bug 359226 whether or not Thunderbird needs the redirect UI or it should just remain in Penelope
  • Got Mac debugging of xpcshell under XCode working and tested out some code for sid0

I've been focusing on issues with virtual folders, plus NEW flag and biff notification. Some of these require reorganization to work, for example bug 428427 to fix unread counts on virtual folders. Lately I've been trying to spin off several small bugs to try to reduce the size of a large bug where I will propose some major reorganization of NEW message flag management - bug 441932 This is an enabling bug that will allow progress of filter-driven biff, and increased similarity between virtual folders and regular folders.

Landed bugs:

  • bug 414179 Add junkpercent support to nsIMsgSearchTerm.
  • bug 438805 Port junkCommands.js to Seamonkey
  • bug 324953 Run Junk Mail Controls (on selected messages) broken
  • bug 441916 Consolidate UpdateSummaryTotals into nsMsgDBFolder.


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