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Thunderbird Meeting Details


Action Items


  • dmose to do clarifying post about how TB 3.0 roadmap should work w.r.t feature freeze, string freeze, etc.


Thunderbird:Shredder a2

  • All blockers believed fixed.
  • Mac Tinderbox is having issues (bug 444949). gozer has provided us with hand-spun bits to tide us over; once we get some folks dogfooding these enough to believe they're about right, we can declare a branch date.
  • Inadvertantly landed patches during closure: worth being concerned?
  • 3.0a2 Tracking Doc
  • Need to decide what to do w.r.t. reopening the tree
    • dmose waiting for confirmation that mac build is ok.
    • Wait until Mac tinderbox is back, then re-open tree.

Move to Hg

  • Waiting for reviews on bug 444686.
  • Once they are done, we could go ahead and move, but would not be able to build with Lightning (bug 442566 - also awaiting reviews).
  • Todo for move:
    • Close tree
    • copy appropriate parts of cvs to comm-central
    • apply build system patches
    • update buildbots
    • run with it
    • Probably a day's
  • SeaMonkey buildbots seem to be ready to go.
  • Thunderbird buildbots/nightlies would be the only remaining issue.
    • buildbots easy to move across
    • gozer needs access for uploading nightlies etc.
    • gozer hasn't got the real reference platforms yet.
  • Draft documentation at devmo - see links at top of page for main content.
  • Timing:
    • We have this week and next week before the Firefox Summit.
    • Doing a move late next week could mean that we get some issues that we need to resolve whilst we at the summit (awkward).
    • Will try and do it before the summit, but see how things (reviews, buildbots) go

QA Updates


Status Updates

davida (via dmose)
  • in NYC, 1 day information overload conference. Back tonight or tomorrow.
  • 3.0a2 driving stuff
  • Unbitrotted & landed IMAP delete patch (bug 190974)
  • Reviewed and landed hang on getting mail patch (bug 411988)
  • Landed IMAP junk keywords patch (bug 438654)
  • Discussed forwarding pref stuff with clarkbw; granted review (bug 230448)
  • Worked on lightning trunk patches
  • Poked at Weave stuff w/labs folks
  • With Vancouver folks, worked on:
    • summit planning
    • calendar / tb3 brainstorming
    • ux brainstorming
    • gloda braindump
    • search discussion
  • Catch up
  • Posted to newsgroups re ldap transfer to mercurial and its effects
  • bug 444211 Fixed display of mailing list names in OS X address books for all cases.
  • bug 408613 Started rewriting some of the LDAP preference code to simplify what is there and drop some rdf usages.
  • bug 437903 Investigated problem with sending to OS X mailing lists (not always working), problem now known, need to investigate a solution.
  • Documented comm-central details on wiki (see above).
  • working on gloda version 2.
  • Fixed bug 444417, undo of imap move/delete broken
  • Set up hg, and did a build from the test repository
  • Code reviews and patch testing
  • Worked on write-up about pluggable mail stores -
  • Participated in meetings about full text search and Gloda.
  • fixed (but not checked in) bug 213729 use memory cache for imap and news when offline
  • Submitted for review patch to get Autoconfigure code into account wizard bug 422814
  • Still doing military service
  • Buildbot setup is GREEN
    • Linux dep check build symbols: GREEN
    • OSX dep check build symbols: GREEN
    • Win32 dep check build symbols: GREEN
    • Buildbot configuration is in Mercurial
      • Need both master and slaves to automatically pull their configuration from Hg
    • Ready to move into the official Thunderbird Tinderbox bug 422817
      • Got to address good feedback from Standard8 on the current configuration first
    • Clobber support ?
    • Got to really start worrying about monitoring for these
  • Co-opted the OS X buildbot to produce the equivalent of a 3.0a2 nightly to help work around the broken OS X tinderbox bug 444949
  • Sun Hardware
    • Performed the various firmware/BIOS upgrades recommended by Sun, and since then, the systems have been standing, so this issue might be resolved.
  • triage/review various install bugs, as a result of my encounter with problems with TB20014: bug 443744 prompt for new account after installing TB20014, bug 442702 install of TB20014 fails with "invalid opcode" error message
  • continue prep for QA of Shredder Alpha 2
  • close 43 bugs / participate in bugday
  • re-reviewed mass cleanup/QA of mailinews. Through spot checking bugs, and Nikolay's help checking whether reporters still exist, determined there probably aren't any substantial subsets that lends itself to bug comments or special attention. And there is also no need to save off, for future attention, previously mass changed bugs - 105 dated 2007-06-21 ss and 646 dated < 2007-04-21 (roughly pre TB2.0). In short, IMO most of these bugs are legit, despite the fact that most haven't been touched in years, and many were confirmed in the days when confirming when reported was the norm.


dmose, Standard8, asuth, bienvenu, gozer, wsmwk, jcanmer, KaiRo