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Thunderbird Meeting Details


  • Who's taking minutes?
    • clarkbw is taking minutes

Action Items


  • dmose to do clarifying post about how TB 3.0 roadmap should work w.r.t feature freeze, string freeze, etc.


Thunderbird:Shredder a2

  • All blockers believed fixed.
  • 3.0a2 Tracking Doc
  • Waiting on build
    • Nick Thomas is starting on the builds today

Move to Hg

QA Updates

  • Expanded Testing page available, about ways people can help with testing and QA, with corresponding "Crystal Ball" posting in
  • Thunderbird QA - Litmus, do you ? describes the need for volunteers to help update litmus tests. Need additional litmus admin(s) - i.e. priv to update tests


Status Updates

  • IORG meeting was interesting but not earth shaking. Good contacts made.
  • Coordination w/ MoCo RelEng re: 3.0a2 and Hg switch
  • Recruiting for volunteers @ OSCON
  • Recruiting for quality lead in progress

No updates for the past week.

  • Address Book
    • bug 439471, bug 437903 more Mac OS X Address Book fixes
    • bug 408613 More work on improving edit LDAP directories dialog code - next to sort out the preference pane code.
  • Autocomplete
    • bug 441530 Fixed autocomplete nomatch test so that it doesn't leak
    • bug 441526 Updated autocomplete highlight non matches
  • Branding
    • bug 445501 Fixed Wizard images regression - only affect official branding
    • Branding directory reorganisation - started centralising some of the files into the mail/branding/nightly directory
    • bug 443398 Pushed the remaining text branding changes and changed l10n boxes to be unofficial branding (bug 445708).
  • Unit Tests
  • Misc
    • bug 426046 Adding full BuildID to about dialog.
    • bug 445503 Patch for about:crashes (so that it works as a start page on Mac once we get to hg).
    • Reviews (have been a little behind, trying to catch up before summit)
    • Discussions and Documents re move to hg.

Continuing gloda efforts. The main goal, continuous (event-driven) indexing, for milestone 2 has been done for a bit, although core mods to generate additional events will be required. The slowdown/stumbling block has been dealing with MIME, trying to get a javascript representation. Think I'm basically there. This should enable indexing attachments (a stated goal for milestone 2), and processing of bodies for indexing (not a stated goal).

  • Fixed search indexer folder iteration code bug 430614
  • Wrote patch to fix handling compact of non selected folder (e.g., with context menu) bug 271988
  • Wrote patch to make filter copy action work when filter also does a move action bug 376235
  • Added SMTP port and capability probing to autoconfig patch bug 422814
  • Fixed loading of folders with saved secondary sorts, bug 57898
  • Fixed bug 445343 IMAP saved search creates unneeded .sbd folder
  • Fixed bug 445403, handling of IMAP saved searches with spaces in the name
  • Checked in fixes for using imap & news memory cache when offline bug 213729
  • Addressed review comments for Condstore patch; ready for checkin bug 436151
  • Got hg commit privileges restored, thx to Reed
  • Code reviews
  • Continuing bug list cleanup
  • Still doing more military service
  • Buildbot setup is still GREEN
    • Converting over to Mercurial is IN PROGRESS
    • Need both master and slaves to automatically pull their configuration from Hg
    • moved into the official Thunderbird Tinderbox bug 422817
    • Clobber support !
    • Really starting to worry about monitoring for these
  • Tinderboxen
    • Taking over the existing Thunderbird tinderboxen
    • Converting them to buildbot/Hg
    • Moving them to MoMo Hardware
  • Release Engineering
    • Will be shoulder surfing Thunderbird 3.0a2
  • Sun Hardware STABLE
  • Blades
    • Had tons of trouble with their FakeRaid
    • Up and running without it
    • Self-Hosting DNS is the first project bug 439076


  • bug 359226 — Need Redirect option that allows editing before sending
  • bug 345468 — port fix for bug #341697 (branding wizards) to tbird
  • bug 426046 — "About" dialog: add full BuildID, as in Firefox

commented on

  • bug 422814 — Add Autoconfigure options to the Account Dialog Wizard
  • bug 436794 — Enable Mac OS X system address book per default and add UI
  • bug 221030 — Unable to set up IMAP over SSL using the New Account Wizard

looking over bugs

  • bug 438429 — 'Meta bug to fix several RSS Summary/Web Page bugs'
  • bug 170520 — Allow SMTP server to be specified when creating new account
  • bug 125188 — allow users to specify which LDAP directories and local AB...
  • triaged "retention policy" bugs
  • close 20 bugs / participate in bugday
  • posted information about Litmus and how to help with QA
  • core mailnews cleanup of QA hopefully this week.
  • reviewed about 60 litmus test results, fixed about 8 testcases so far and added breakpad test. set up testrun for TB3. lots more to go.
  • dealt with troublesome litmus server bug
  • expanded Bug Watchers to include all mailnews related components
  • bug 413260 (should be checked in soon, just need final reviews)
  • bug 437193 -- IMAP fakeserver
    • The fakeserver itself is almost complete, just missing a few commands (SEARCH, APPEND, COPY, STORE, LOGIN yet to be implemented, FETCH in progress), as well as iffy i18n support.
    • Fully correct fakeserver needs some things to be fixed with libmime, will detail on bug
    • bug 16913 -- just needs a final review
  • Patches that I updated:
    • bug 444209 Filter selected messages (awaiting review from mnyromyr)
    • bug 440635 Manual filtering context (awaiting ui-review from clarkbw)
  • We decided to defer UI implementation of the Redirect feature bug 359226, but the backend code will go in (awaiting superreview from neil)
  • Moving Qualcomm code depot over to pulling from comm-central hg repository
  • Helped sid0 with rework of nsMsgDBFolder::GetMsgTextFromStream()
  • Junk/Search related landed patches
    • bug 443993, Moved IMAP junk message does not preserve junkstatusorigin and junkpercent.
    • bug 200138, Delete Mail Marked as Junk changes/forces selection
    • bug 428427, Unread count in virtual folders not updated for changed headers
  • Misc landed patches
    • bug 441191, POP/RSS automatic filtering: delete message action is marking read, not deleting
    • bug 373967, Custom column added by extension is not displayed properly while in "grouped by sort"
  • General directions
    • I have a large, possibly controversial refactoring patch for MSG_FLAG_NEW management (bug 441932 "Keep lists of new messages only in nsMsgDBFolder") virtually ready for review. I've recently completed a general and a specific unit test for this, as well as done the umpteenth patch review. This patch will help with progress in various changes in BIFF management, including management of BIFF notification by filters (bug 11040).
    • I'm currently collecting a variety of changes (I call them "improvements") in the available UI for junk management into an extension "junquilla".