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Thunderbird Meeting Details


  • Who's taking minutes?
    • emre

Action Items


  • dmose: clarifying post about how TB 3.0 roadmap should work w.r.t feature freeze, string freeze, etc.
    • Will blog about dates talked about
  • sipaq: file a bug on getting a thunderbird aggregator going on
    • Not on call
  • unknown: file a bug on getting a
    • gozer: we have DNS and servers, need someone to make planet look nice
  • everyone: nominate important bugs for blocking? and wanted?
  • drivers: spend some time triaging nominations
  • everyone: look for delight bugs for the next release
  • everyone: If you want things make Beta 1, let the drivers know.


  • Driver meeting: Met last Friday. Discussed blockers and what blocking means for Beta 1. Bugs are assigned to people.

Thunderbird:Shredder a2

  • Alpha 2 is out. Thanks to Q&A people.
  • Post Mortem needs scheduling
    • who needs to be there? davida, wswmk, nthomas, gozer, standard8, emre, ____?
    • when: ___?

Thunderbird 3

Thunderbird:Thunderbird 3.0b1

  • Three weeks to planned code freeze
  • Blockers (22):
    • Drivers have reviewed the list. Significant features wanted for 3.0b1 added to allow time for feedback and testing.
    • All bugs assigned, please help out where you can.
    • For next week's meeting, please ensure Status Whiteboard has a few short words/notes relating to current progress, and on schedule or at risk.
    • We should get as many as possible in 3 weeks.
  • wsmwk is the Q&A lead of Beta 1
  • If we don't feel like this milestone is good enough for being a Beta, we can consider calling it "Alpha 3".

QA Updates

  • several new bugday participants (YAY!), including someone who heard about us at OSCON, and good results
  • added a new Thunderbird administrator to Litmus (more YAY)
  • Offline/online bug triage continued - several more touched and several others closed. Next bugday's list refocused/trimmed to 16 bugs.


Status Updates

  • Started work on merging Brian Kirsch's port probing work and bienvenu's logon validation work 422814 with clarkbw's design, and ben bucksch's isp config file work 450710. Integration happening on an hg clone.
  • bug triage
  • reviewed cardForEmail hoisting (bug 449618)
  • organized full text indexing meeting
  • talked to swex about documentation stuff
  • 3.0b1 and 3.0 bug triage
  • the usual variety of 3.0 driving, bugmail, community stuff, etc.
  • possibly out Friday of this week
  • Loads of bug triage for closemes.
  • Usual bugday behind_the_scenes results' gathering and verification.
    • Bugday queries seem to work fine now.
    • But will have to be changed again if there is a second reorg.
  • Address book rewrite:
    • bug 449618 Move cardForEmailAddress to nsIAbDirectory
    • bug 450149 Move cardForProperty to nsIAbDirectory
    • bug 450917 Create and populate nsIAbCollection
  • After last one, will start on bug 382876
  • Looked into feasibility of Evolution address book integration on Linux.
  • Driving and reviews
  • Inline Card items:
    • bug 381555 Expand show only display name to all address books
    • Reviews for bug 243631 (show display name from address book)
    • bug 451021 Display Names in Mac OS X address book have erroneous spaces
    • bug 450724 Did first patch, prototyping the "Star" system.
  • Address Book
    • bug 437908 Search/Filters don't check correctly for address in Mac OS X Address Book.
    • bug 439304 Assertions when autocompleting recipient.
    • bug 403256 Cache the top-level address book.
    • Finished pushing bug 449260 replacing rdf driven address book menus with xbl base ones.
  • Toolkit autocomplete
    • Patch for bug 325842 (getting parity with toolkit for matching auto fill functionality)
      • Waiting for toolkit UI review
    • Patch for bug 438861 (perf issue, autocomplete does not pass back results to a second search).
    • Now only needs LDAP solution.
  • This Week
    • Intending on making Password Manager the main focus (bug 433316).
  • gloda status
    • autocompletion, with bubbles! as seen on my blog post
    • full text search, sorta with bubbles! as seen on my other blog post
    • something is bad, threading-wise with body fetching; or at least a deadlock happens for no legitimate reason (Ex: accidental call to doDeadlock()) when indexing multiple thousand newsgroup headers (with bodies, from offline storage).
    • no unit tests yet
    • but I plan to start them today!
  • Continued work on saved search grouping+threading
  • Continued work on easy autoconfig - wrote logon verification for imap, pop3, and smtp - currently testing.
  • Fixed problem with imap image loading - bug 450332
  • 3.0b1 and 3.0 bug triage
  • Back in the rain city.
  • bug 440793, bug 439097, bug 436615: Strategy-based background message downloading for imap is code complete, currently testing. Planning to submit a patch for the first review today.
  • bug 439089 Once the patch is submitted, going to start working on auto-compacting feature rest of the week.
  • Got the IT Roadmap started
  • Webalizer is churning on the start-page logs, need more ideas
  • Switching Lightning/gdata tinderboxen to buildbot bug 449630
    • Keep the same hardware, just like we did for the nightly TB tinderboxen
  • bug 450456 - Disk Cache for TB
  • bug 431375 - Taking on the try-server patching job
  • Seriously annoyed by bug 419445 – Sporadic win32 build errors: cannot open file 'xpcom.lib'
  • buildsymbols
    • Solution found for bug 445090 – Linux crashing in dump_syms
      • Awaiting for inclusion upstream
    • bug 450485 – win32 buildsymbols broken [FIXED]
  • Ready to hand out Zimbra CalDAV accounts for Calendar folks bug 450534
  • Got our last Sun 4150 finally upgraded
    • Successfully tested VM migration without noticeable downtime
  • gozer.blogging += 2
  • finishing 3.0a2 QA
  • bug triage
  • securing someone to lead triage of patches that need poking
  • Litmus cleanup and filing bugs against
  • Returned from a long vacation and starting to get back in to things
  • Worked with a localizer (RQ) to get some Lithuanian translations of Penelope
  • Made remaining changes based on review comments and submitted a new patch for filter only selected messages, which is now ready for checkin bug 444209
  • Caught up with things.
  • Comm-central build system owner is Kairo. Standard8, Callek, gozer and ause are peers. ause is nominated by calendar people.
  • Working with OpenOffice/StarOffice marketing on promotion of Thunderbird.
  • Completed draft of talking points for press for Mozilla Messaging and Thunderbird.
  • Screenshots of other email products here:
  • Will be doing "Thunderbird Thursdays" on the #marketing channel.


davida, dmose, Standard8, asuth, jcranmer, emre, gozer, clarkbw, wsmwk, KaiRo, beckley, rebron