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Thunderbird Meeting Details


Calls For Help

  • davida would appreciate assistance on the autoconfiguration branch. (The awesome create-a-new-account screen where you just enter your e-mail address and it figures out most/all of the details for you.) One particular area that could use assistance is handling certificates in the connection detection logic.

Action Items


  • Gloda needs to be more documented in order to make the feature more visible to the users (asuth)


  • dmose: drive JS-in-mail discussion - expecting to meet today at MoCo office and take some actions for beta1
  • davida: will escalate issue of separate messaging crash-stats server
    • Crash-stats is looking reasonable at the moment. Do we still want to do this?
    • We can ask for 100% sampling of Thunderbird on existing crash-test server - gozer will file a bug asking for this.
    • We would like our own server, but it's not as urgent as it was.
  • davida: needs to identify the major work items for thunderbird 3 and break them down by the beta/release they will be in.
    • hoping to do as a group this week.
  • From the Alpha 3 post-mortem (individuals should take your own items and go through them):
    • wsmwk: Need to define what tests (e.g. smoketests/basic functional/unit tests etc) should go where and where they are filed.
    • standard8: Generate some gristmill example scripts, and encourage others to use gristmill and file bugs to help improve it. - still open
    • tb-drivers: Go through current MailNews/TB relnote bugs and work out what is really necessary. - low priority.
  • Tomorrow will go through the beta1 action items as a group.


Thunderbird 3 Beta 1

  • bienvenu is release driver
  • gozer is build engineer
  • Proposed String freeze date: 2008-11-13
  • Code Freeze date: 2008-11-18
  • davida will identify the must-absolutely-have items for beta 1 (part of the new action item planning what must happen by when)
    • Proposed intermediate target (to prevent everything either landing at the end or missing) for major items: Friday, October 31
      • Gloda
        • Gloda landed with the pref off. dmose asuth are going to discuss the strategies to turn the pref on for beta1.
        • dmose progressing reviews.
      • AutoConfig
        • Definitely land as an additional menu item, not yet replacing account wizard
        • depends on how much time bienvenu has as to if this will make it or not.
      • Kill-RDF
        • SeaMonkey note: need to land ASAP as it may cause problems
        • Currently going through reviews. May or may not make it by the date.
        • non-rdf js folder pane in review, should land this week.
      • Cross-folder views
        • landed last week.
      • dmose has a bunch of message view stuff to land
      • We may want to deal with the self-signed cert issue in general before dealing with auto config.
      • We want to have some visible changes to the folder pane before beta 1
      • asuth might do some folder-pane gloda magic.
      • dmose, bienvenu, Standard8 will work on password serialization
      • branching vesus cloning ?
  • testday(s)
    • Triage is needed to make decision on the dates - preferably today
    • purpose: solidify functionality & stability for big features/changes
    • testday 1 - pre-freeze - Nov 14
    • testday 2 - post-freeze for big items landed last before testing b1 release candidates
      • pick date: Nov 20, 21(in place of bugday)?
      • Autoconfig?
      • Toolkit autocomplete
      • new password manager
      • ____ ?

Thunderbird 3

  • Draft Thunderbird:Thunderbird3:DevRoadmap identifies major work items on the plate for Tb3 -- much of it needs scheduling, owning, breakdown.
    • DevRoadmap is updated. What left to do on Calendar is not clear.
    • Overall progress is very good.
    • folks interested in helping with front-end stuff, some simple, should ask in #maildev

QA Updates

  • bug 464247 - w32 build symbols missing since 2008-10-30


Status Updates

  • native looking tabs work
  • archive button work
  • workweek driving
  • board meeting, etc.
  • More JS fun - bug 463783 Assertion failed: "need a way to EOT now, since this is trace end" with array comprehension
  • Did up patches for:
    • bug 223943 - Unbitrot patch for "expand "mailnews.headers.showUserAgent" to include x-newsreader"
    • bug 461317 - Ctrl-Shift-K is a hotkey for two functions -- Options/Check Spelling and Format/Discontinue Link
  • Reviews and Driving
  • Discussions at MoMo MV work week
  • More work on the js non-rdf folder pane
  • Fixed several issues switching between view types in saved search folders bug 462581
  • Fixed problems editing/forwarding inline of quoted printable and other encoded messages bug 307023
  • Landed patch to switch Mac to auto-detect online status
  • Investigated the cert exception problem w.r.t to auto config and mailnews in general bug 429843
  • Started thinking about how to implement clarkbw's new folder pane designs
  • Mainly worked on bug 257942 UI and default component implementation.
  • Build
    • Graphs!
    • Bloat inconsistent failure on OS X still being tracked down
  • Web
    • is live
      • Needs a facelift
    • is close to ready
    • buildbot waterfall is live
  • triage: critical/crashers, spelling
  • setup beta 1 testday
  • bugday
  • Dale and I will be in MV for Thursday and Friday to meet with MoMo folks
  • Lots of bug triage after the Eudora 8 beta 4/Penelope 0.5a1 release
  • bug 410327 Provide ability to disable preview pane
  • bug 463864 In/Out toolbar shortcuts do not work


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