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Thunderbird Meeting Details


Calls For Help

  • davida would appreciate assistance on the autoconfiguration branch. (The awesome create-a-new-account screen where you just enter your e-mail address and it figures out most/all of the details for you.) One particular area that could use assistance is handling certificates in the connection detection logic.
    • bienvenu has done some work in bug 429843 on sorting out the certificate handling for incoming email.
      • bienvenu says : cert exception dialog likely to land for beta 1 with no string changes (existing strings are in nss)
      • dmose says: I need to make a separate pref for each different reading contexts. Document it and make a patch for it. Should be ready for review by thursday.

Action Items


  • need to announce new code freeze date on tinderbox


  • dmose: drive JS-in-mail discussion
  • davida: will escalate issue of separate messaging crash-stats server
    • Crash-stats is looking reasonable at the moment. Do we still want to do this?
    • We would like our own server, but it's not as urgent as it was.
  • davida: needs to identify the major work items for thunderbird 3 and break them down by the beta/release they will be in.
    • hoping to do as a group this week.
  • Gloda needs to be more documented in order to make the feature more visible to the users (asuth)
  • From the Alpha 3 post-mortem (individuals should take your own items and go through them):
    • wsmwk: Need to define what tests (e.g. smoketests/basic functional/unit tests etc) should go where and where they are filed.
    • tb-drivers: Go through current MailNews/TB relnote bugs and work out what is really necessary - low priority.


  • standard8: Generate some mozmill example scripts, and encourage others to use mozmill and file bugs to help improve it.
    • jminta has written some of these and they are in standard8's review queue.
    • jminta got nice code coverage results with mozmill
  • gozer: ask for 100% sampling of Thunderbird on existing crash-test server (bug 463277)

Thunderbird 3 Beta 1

  • bienvenu is release driver
  • gozer is build engineer
  • String freeze date: 2008-11-13
  • Code Freeze date: was 2008-11-18 now TBD
  • 3.0b1 testday 1 went well, decent participation (5-10). Identified several bugs
  • davida/brian want the exptoolbar in enough of a good shape so it could be promoted to the beta 1 users (start page suggested add-on)
  • Beta 1 is number 1 priority at this time, in case anybody wasn't sure.

Thunderbird 3

  • Draft Thunderbird:Thunderbird3:DevRoadmap identifies major work items on the plate for Tb3 -- much of it needs scheduling, owning, breakdown.
    • DevRoadmap is updated. What left to do on Calendar is not clear.
    • Overall progress is very good.
    • folks interested in helping with front-end stuff, some simple, should ask in #maildev

QA Updates

  • bug 464247 - w32 build symbols missing since 2008-10-30 - impedes identifying top crashers on trunk
  • Mozmill
    • Adding mozmill tests to our unittest builds sounds like a good idea
    • MozMill + TB integration itself seems quite simple
    • How do we run these tests ?
      • One at a time ?
      • In batches ?
      • With what profile ?
    • We need a framework for the tests to be able to specify what they need
    • Standard8 will file more bugs and will likely try and land what he already has
    • Gary suggests that we figure out a path to converting Litmus tests to MozMill
    • Gary suggested using special tests days to push this forward.


Status Updates

  • Reviews
  • MoMo work week
  • Helping out with Growl integration bugs and other blocking bugs.
  • Address Book:
    • bug 435027 Contact not removed from search results display after contact is deleted
    • bug 462364 Deleting a List from Address Book does not get reflected immediately. r/sr=bienvenu
    • bug 58769 Don't collect addresses into CAB that occur in other AB's. r=bienvenu, sr=Neil.
  • Reviews and Driving
  • Mountain View work week - lots of useful meetings
  • Made progress on hooking into new cert exception dialogs - pop3 and imap hooked up; working on smtp - bug 429843
  • Landed js folder pane bug 414038
  • Fixed bug 392330, view picker not updated when we switch tabs, and issues with account central page in tabs
  • Fixed crash in threaded quick search, bug 464802
  • Fixed bug 456291, make sure IMAP autosync doesn't cause password prompt
  • Fixed bug 457751, delete imap message, rebuild index, do undo can crash
  • Mountain View work week - lots of useful meetings
  • Build
    • Still trying to track down OS X intermittent bloat failures bug 463594
  • Web
  • Work week in Mt. View
  • Updated conversation view prototypes
    • Working on conversation reader prototype
  • Caught up on ui-reviews
  • Filed bug 464621 and bug 465251 for add-ons manager improvements
  • tracking Socorro and Breakpad bugs
  • attempting to identify topcrashers
  • special attention to QA gloda
  • ran beta 1 testday
  • ran bugday
  • Dale and I were in Mountain View for the end of last week. Thanks to the MoMo guys for being great hosts and letting us hang out.
  • Working on integrating with Tb 3.0 beta 1 source code for next Eudora 8/Penelope beta release
  • bug 463720 - Prefs for opening mailboxes/messages in tabs
  • bug 463748 - Can not open mailboxes in folder views other than "All Folders"
  • bug 445383 - In </penelope/*>, "use a xul <stringbundle/> instead of including the strres.js code"
  • Mostly SeaMonkey work, see my blog for details on that.
  • Some more buildsystem sync work, see bug 464920
  • Filed bug 464707 for the upload build target on comm-central (helpwanted)
  • Filed the themes test static build failure (also seen with Thunderbird) as bug 464687 while investigating SeaMonkey static builds
  • Added build target for creating source packages, see bug 456373 (general work, Firefox) and bug 464446 (comm-central app support)
  • Started work on locale Makefile restructuring (bug 464921)
  • SpreadThunderbird launched last week. Special thanks to gozer, paul booker, graphicsguru, ken. Working on the next phase: improvements to affiliate program, marketing assets, and event calendar.
  • At MashUp camp, yesterday and today. Checking out web service apis and getting lobbied to use some in Thunderbird.
  • Out Nov 19 - 27 for vacation.


gozer, davida, bienvenu, nth10sd (Gary), dmose, standard8, KaiRo