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Thunderbird Meeting Details :


Action Items



  • Autoconfig process - work in progress


Thunderbird 3 Beta 3

  • Planned Freeze Dates ( All dates use time of 23:59 PST )
    • Slushy String freeze date: TBD
    • Slushy Code Freeze date: TBD
    • Firm String / Code freeze date: TBD
    • l10n-mozilla-1.9.1 freeze date: TBD
    • Target Build Ship date: TBD
  • dmose is release driver
  • gozer is build engineer
  • Beta 3 stated as the release for all work with serious downstream work impact (ui, backend, l10n, etc). Anything that isn't like that should be pushed out into Beta 4.

Thunderbird 3 Beta 4

  • Release Driver: Standard8
  • Build Engineer: gozer
  • Not much to say on Beta 4 until B3 is sorted out.

Thunderbird 3

  • Please set bugs to assigned status (as well as owner to you) if you want to do them.
  • If you have other bugs assigned to you that you don't want to do, please reassign or discuss with drivers.

QA Updates

  • Had quite a successful buday as new comers came and did a Great Job.
  • We are approaching the 2k barrier of UNCO bugs
  • Need a better idea of TB3b3 to schedule the litmus effort

Marketing Updates

IT update

  • Incoming phone calls to the MoMo phone numbers is now coming into our own Asterisk server
  • Thunderbird was released.
  • Internal mirror of up and running


  • finish review of content
    • selected content transferred to MDC
    • dev reviews in progress
  • repository reorg
  • get commit access to and (latter postponed because of upcoming move to SVN)
  • sort out issues with location of historical release notes (completion pending commit access)
  • move and consolidate code review docs
  • trivia (bugs, templates, MDC fiddling)


  • Would like to point out that Valgrind seems to be an excellent tool to detect memory leaks and other stuff, on Linux / Mac. -nth10sd
    • Mac support was just added last month.
    • Can QA make use of this to find bad stuff?

Status Updates

  • Out from next week for a fortnight.
  • Pinged people on patchlove for updated patches - 2-3 responded, some positive.
  • patchlove has <=7 more bugs with patches that are non-obsolete.
  • Will look through year-long pending reviews to see if any are bit-rotted.
    • Should finish by this week.
  • qawanted - bug 431250
  • patchlove - bug 119630, bug 224392 amongst others.
  • bug 467768 v1 up.
  • Patch for bug 499273 posted.
  • Got asuth's Mozmill tests working on Windows. (Revised steps for anyone who's interested. If you follow these steps and still have trouble, ping me on IRC.)
    • Still some trouble with debug builds hanging at shutdown -- opt builds are good.
  • last week
    • finished, landed, and blogged compact header removal
    • lots and lots of miscellany
  • this week
    • 3.0b3 driving
    • push on finding calendar contractor
    • compact header work
  • Reviews & Driving
  • Keep hitting & filing js assertions
  • xpcshell-test leaks
    • Landed the gloda shutdown tidy up.
    • Worked with David Bienvenu, managed to reduce the reported leaks by a significant amount. Most leaks probably test case issues or not-frequently-hit real leaks.
    • bug 498147 tracks the remaining leaks.
  • Send In Background
    • Made progress on simplifying the send listeners so that we can have send/copy failure management without modal dialogs affecting us.
    • bug 499275 Dropped some redundant code found whilst trying to simplify the listeners.
  • Reviews and Driving
  • Worked with Standard8 on driving unit test leaks to essentially 0. Fixed several actual leaks in the backend, and a few problems in the unit tests. bug 498303, {{bug|498323}, bug 499446, bug 498323
  • Quiet assertion caused by filter on empty custom header, bug 498496
  • Fixed copy service notification when moving imap folders within a server, so multiple moves to same target will work, and added unit test bug 496905
  • Fixed bug 498914, gloda assertions when moving folders
  • Fixed rename with imap fake server, and made it more forgiving w/ subscribe/unsubscribe, bug 497959
  • Don't show alert for new mail when IMAP STATUS tells us the unread count has increased in Junk or Trash folders, bug 487418
  • Added way for db pending listeners to know when db has been opened, and make nsMsgDBView use a pending listener bug 499064
  • Fixed navigation in stand-alone msg window, and add mozmill test, bug 498334

Next week

  • Continue working on folder display refactoring regression fixes for b3, and whatever other b3 issues arise.
  • Work on bug 499806 add simple query/enumerate w/ search term criteriafilter to nsIMsgDatabase to help gloda find messages that need indexing.
  • Build
    • hg.m.o mirror inside our build network
      • Enabling hg clone --uncompressed has showed great improvements in clone time
        • Need a smart way to decide when to use it ( could learn some tricks)
      • Planning to switch over all our builds over to it progressively.
    • Try Server improvements as a side-effect of the hg mirror
      • Talking to the hg mirror (via /etc/hosts for now)
      • Faster builds already!
      • Not using --uncompressed yet, to try it, include this patch in your next try build
    • Code signing
  • Web
    • Thunderbird release was nice and smooth
      • Noticeable traffic spike as a result, nothing alarming
  • Infrastructure
    • Incoming phone calls are coming directly to us
    • All blades are up and running
    • More monitoring is a good thing
  • Last Week
  • This Week
    • Reply / Reply All toggle
    • XP / Vista theme changes
    • Inline attachment reminders
  • filed:
    • bug 499923 to add #tb-qa and Thunderbird bugdays to
    • bug 499926 please add Thunderbird to talkback topcrashes
    • bug 498475 New: junk mail not moving - error console nsJunkMailPlugin.resetTrainingData nsresult 0x80004001 location .... preferences/privacy.js line 67
    • bug 499774 startup crash [@ nsAString_internal::Capacity] interface nsIMsgFolder changed without required uuid bump
  • bug triage: junk
  • recruited ppl to help with junk bugs
  • Work on the Eudora's About dialog, adding the Powered by Mozilla logo and rearranging code to be more similar to Thunderbird
  • Some more patches to the filter auto-name code: bug 457745
  • Got SeaMonkey release automation to fully work in a testing setup, filed a number of patches, waiting for reviews on them now. Next SeaMonkey beta should be able to come off that harness, hopefully.
  • Corrected Thunderbird nightly link on www.m.o/developer
  • Released SeaMonkey 1.1.17 in parallel with Thunderbird
  • SeaMonkey people get nervous about indefinite beta postponement caused by Thunderbird

I'm working in the following areas:

  • Filter functionality
    • bug 198100 This bug enables running a normal filter after the bayes filter, which enables junk-related search terms, and IMAP body search. I decided to change direction on this slightly, automating the selection of when to run the filter, so I removed a patch from review.
    • bug 495519 "Allow extensions to add custom search terms" is largely working, just cleaning up some of the UI hooks.
    • bug 310359 "search all address fields capability (Bcc:s too!)" is holding while a new contributor (Dossy) considers working on a piece of it in bug 488577 "Support BCC in online IMAP search"
    • bug 105169 "Filter for Attachments" has a discussion going in m.d.a.t about management of MIME processing, which is the key issue here.
    • bug 497622 "IMAP cross-server move fails silently after a copy to a different folder" addresses a long-standing critical bug, that the copy service sometimes loses message copies. It primarily occurs in filtering operations, including bug 448337.
    • bug 257415 "Add filtering for IMAP folders other than the INBOX" has a working patch that be used by an extension to enable this.
  • Database information preservation
    • landed bug 340866 which is the last of the main bugs in this series.
    • Additional bugs in special circumstances still exist, including bug 495666 and bug 368415
  • NEW flag management.
    • Landed bug 272963 "Status of incoming mail is not set to 'new' before filtering can act on it" Although aimed at filters, it changed NEW flag management slightly in a critical way.
    • The mother bug here is bug 372372 "Search folder for NEW items does not display correct counts". I have a patch I am running here that, in combination with 272963, allows NEW flag search folders to give correct counts for the first time. However, because it never worked before, there are many missing notifications that need to be found and fixed in followup bugs.
  • Shadowing Firefox marketing team on 3.5 launch activities.
  • Did some progress on thanks to bwitton
  • Status quo for now on the ISP list
  • On vacation in the upcoming week.
  • Last week
    • Icons bugs work
    • Address book graphics
    • Spoke to Ubuntu devs and tried to work out bug 426930 that affects both FF and TB
  • This week
    • Linux toolbar icons and css
    • Account Central css
    • Folder Summary css
    • Autoconfiguration layout

Last week:

This week: