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Thunderbird Meeting Details :


Action Items



  • Autoconfig process - work in progress


  • Muting status meeting - gozer (now muted by default + "announces" new arrivals).

Thunderbird 3 Beta 3

  • Planned Freeze Dates ( All dates use time of 23:59 PST )
    • Slushy String freeze date: TBD
    • Slushy Code Freeze date: TBD
    • Firm String / Code freeze date: TBD
    • l10n-mozilla-1.9.1 freeze date: TBD
    • Target Build Ship date: TBD
  • dmose is release driver
  • gozer is build engineer
  • Search (bug 474701) - folder display patch landed
    • reviews to asuth, submodule changes under discussion
    • devs should get mozmill installed and test harness running
  • Beta 3 stated as the release for all work with serious downstream work impact (ui, backend, l10n, etc). Anything that isn't like that should be pushed out into Beta 4.

Thunderbird 3 Beta 4

  • Release Driver: Standard8
  • Build Engineer: gozer

Not much to say on Beta 4 until B3 is sorted out.

Thunderbird 3

  • Standard8 and gozer have been working on getting new app update server up and going for Thunderbird 3
  • Please set bugs to assigned status (as well as owner to you) if you want to do them.
  • If you have other bugs assigned to you that you don't want to do, please reassign or discuss with drivers.

QA Updates

  • Usual bug day
  • Participated in testing the refactoring
  • Waiting on date to organize the rest
  • Email about UI refactoring sent to thunderbird-tester mailing list
  • This week will be a regular bugday.

Marketing Updates

  • Welcome to NectarPR who we've got on board to help with pr and launch.
  • Continuing work with Thunderbird icon refresh. Targeting next Monday to get designer on board.
  • Check out Mozilla Service Week Sept 14 - 21.

IT update

  • Buildbot performance/reliability improvements
  • Setting up a staging buildbot installation
  • Working at solving our issues with Hg
  • Windows try server speed issues
    • servers in Amazon cloud
  • Non-windows signing tests worked
  • Bad blade has been replaced


  • continued work on porting / archiving content on
    • moved code review requirements to MDC; updated with input from Standard8, dmose, bienvenu
  • blog asuth's new how-tos
  • ongoing notations / links for newsgroup threads on MDC
  • short week - attended Open Web conference
  • keeping an eye on FTP server dir hierarchy changes; will update docs once they happen


xpcshell Tests & Leak Logs (Standard8)

  • Thanks to Serge Gautherie for finishing and landing bug 384339, this means that check-interactive works correctly even with tail_*.js scripts in xpcshell tests.
  • Now have landed mailnews shutdown scripts for everything bar mailnews/db/gloda.
    • Therefore reported leaks for xpcshell-tests are either real leaks or issues in the testcases.
    • bug 498147 is the tracking bug for leaks in MailNews - bugs already filed for existing leaks.
    • Some leak bugs cover multiple tests as they are most likely caused by one issue.
  • mailnews/db/gloda will hopefully land soon.
  • Standard8 happy to try and help resolve leaks in new tests.
  • [1] has current documentation; may move to devmo

Status Updates

  • On hiatus from end-June for 2 weeks
  • Left with ~10 Mail patchloves with non-obsolete patches - should finish by end-June
    • Will ping about obsolete patchlove patches, to hopefully get updated patches
  • Testing bug 474701 post-landing, confirming a number of bugs.
  • Came up with Gmail IMAP testcase for bug 498156 - Chinese HTML testcase
  • Parallel push of closemes / labelling with wsmwk
  • bug 345040, bug 62026 - patchloves
  • bug 340779 - qawanted for the week
  • bug 467768.
  • UI refactoring testing.
  • Lots of problems with the multiplexed message pane (e.g. several problems for which there are workarounds in 467768, or bug 498514.) Thinking of taking the bug to de-multiplex the message pane.
  • Still having a bit of trouble with mozmill, though asuth has some patches that should help.
  • MoMo board meeting
  • spoke about Open Web Vancouver conference
  • Last week
  • This week
    • drive in compact header extraction patch
    • push on calendar contractor hiring
  • Reviews & Driving
  • Unit Tests - Cleaning up leak output bug 438922, see above.
  • bug 497891 Incorrect plural rules for thread counts in summary page for collapsed threads and multiple selections.
  • Send in background
    • More work on moving this forward.
  • Content Tabs
  • Landed bug 474701. Dealing with regressions, documentation, unit testing.
  • Reviews and Driving
  • UI refactoring testing
  • Fixed fake server to quote folder name in status response, bug 497503
  • Fixed hang when trying to append a file to an imap folder and the file read returns 0 bytes, bug 497598
  • Expand collapsed threads when new messages come into open views, bug 494811
  • Fixed local folder empty trash regression, bug 498331
  • If imap folder create fails, list parent to see if it supports children, bug 492921
  • Worked on some imap fake server issues with LIST command - that and other patches awaiting review.
  • Build
    • ftp.m.o nightly directory re-org today! bug 481685
    • Buildbot
      • Upgraded twisted
      • Buildbot master got migrated to a faster VM with speedier I/O
    • Investigated the ongoing issues with 'hg clone'
      • hg clone --uncompressed looks promising
        • < 5 minute mozilla-central clone from a local LAN mirror on OS X
  • Infrastructure
    • Better, deeper monitoring of buildbot
    • Replaced the failed blade
    • Brought 4 new VM Server Hosts online
    • Tested VMWare ESXi
  • Reviews and Bugs
  • working with new code re-factor patch
  • creating a set of example extensions
  • will be creating a set of polish tracking bugs for coming b4 release
  • extended bugzilla editbugs privs to: 1 person, 2 more in the works
  • grilled Bug 474701 landing for front end rework for new search ui
  • bug triage: General, junk, spelling, ...
    • 50+ bugs closed, 30 closemes pending
  • Russian localization of Penelope by Alexander Slovesnik
  • Submitted a patch of end-of-line issues with the upstream repo for liboggplay
  • Hid the quick recipient menus (New Message To, Forward To, Redirect To) as the quick recipient feature is not implemented yet
  • bug 457745 More patches and comments on the auto-naming filter patch
  • Some testing of Eudora 8 on Windows 7 RC showed some problems with importing from Classic Eudora, which involves some disk/file errors, but reproducibility is a problem
  • Once again not here today due to attending a university course
  • Tested and verified that "L10n merge" works on new SeaMonkey buildbots (localized builds work even with incomplete localization due to merging in en-US strings) - Thunderbird can get this with new L10n repack classes
  • Started working on release automation for SeaMonkey, a lot of it is working already, should be able to use it for Beta 1
  • Did the big NEW->UNCONFIRMED bug change for old untouched SeaMonkey bugs and ran into some problems with Bugzilla, but finally succeeded (not without some embarrassment)
  • Driving SeaMonkey 1.1.17 release process in parallel with Thunderbird
  • Usual organizing
  • Working on ISP
  • Getting into python - not as fast as I would like.
  • Happy about the refactoring finally landing and the way the patches are pilling up.
  • Last week
    • Built TB on Mac
    • Multiple messages css bug 492158
    • Autoconfiguration layout (sent to clarkbw)
    • Compose icon experiments (still wip)
  • This week
    • Account Central
    • Folder summary
    • Reply-to-list icons
    • Away Thu-Fri

Last week:

This week: