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Thunderbird Meeting Details :


Action Items



  • Autoconfig process
    • Webapp currently being tested to fix some initial problems, will open up for broader testing soon
    • davida will be working with gozer on moving the webapp into a preview release
    • hopefully getting some review time from a django person
    • bwinton has been coordinating with Greg and students
      • 5 students across Canada
    • Join the ISPDB Google Group to participate in the discussion


Thunderbird 3 Beta 4

  • approval-thunderbird3 flags have been created.
  • See Tree_Rules/comm-central for more information on what is required to land patches (link also on tinderboxes).
  • Freeze Dates:
    • Slushy Code Freeze: Monday 7th Sept 23:59 PDT (yesterday).
    • Full String Freeze: Wed 9th Sept 23:59 PDT (tomorrow).
    • Code Freeze: Friday 11th Sept 23:59 PDT.
    • l10n Complete: Monday 14th Sept 23:59 PDT.
    • Release builds start: Tues 15th Sept.

Thunderbird 3

  • Schedule (proposed, may change nearer b4):
    • Final l10n String Freeze: Tuesday 29th Sept 23:59 PST
    • Approvals/Blockers only: from Tuesday 6th October 23:59 PST
    • Aiming to start RC1 builds on: 3rd Nov.
    • Subsequent RCs as necessary.
  • Please set bugs to assigned status (as well as owner to you) if you want to do them.
  • If you have other bugs assigned to you that you don't want to do, please reassign or discuss with drivers.

QA Updates

  • Test day for thunderbird 3.0b4 coming up this week see Thunderbird:QA_TestDay:2009-09-10 for areas we will focus on.
  • Regression testing before release starting next Wednesday.QA is looking for some volunteer work over that week to achieve a complete coverage of the Basic Functional Tests (see point2 in QA Activities related to the release of Thunderbird 3.0b4).
    • At the moment not a single windows user as signed up.
    • I'll relay this on a few more channel over the week.
    • I'll email a few testers from previous sessions.
  • Last week was a slowish week
  • first build of faceted search - was very interesting to look at.

Marketing Updates

IT update

  • New, faster Win2k3 builders (try, staging, production)
    • Mothballed the Amazon EC2 Windows build slave (too slow)
  • SUMO test/preview installation today
  • Getting ready for Beta 4


  • FUEL, STEEL, SMILE docs done
    • create API docs
    • update existing pages to adhere to API style guide
    • set up hierarchy / re-org page structure
  • community contributions to how-tos ([1])
  • new error reporting tools page ([2])


  • Top 5 GS Support Topics:
    1. Email Account Config issues e.g. Hotmail (hopefully will be lessened by isp auto config feature in Thunderbird 3)
    2. Cannot Receive Email
    3. Dataloss (compacting folders fixes most problems)
    4. ui questions i.e. how to use Thunderbird
    5. Cannot send email
    6. Thunderbird crashes due to folders being corrupted (compact folders)
  • Support Day: September 3, 2009, 9:30-5p.m. Pacific in #thunderbird and #gsfn
  • Key Support stats from the following graphic:
    • approximately 15-20 topics a day
    • total new topics:94 total replies: 143 - means we are making progress in clearing backlog
    • #replies from non MoMo folks: to be filled in later new users:

Sept 1-7, 2009 Community stats for Mozilla Messaging.jpg


Status Updates

  • Landed bug 466227. Gloda now indexes the headers of non-offline IMAP messages too, and the gloda test suite now includes IMAP tests.
  • Landed bug 508597 as a workaround for file picker crappiness.
    • Submitted a patch to core -- bug 514494 to fix the XP file picker
  • Landed bug 505044 (remember selected message).
  • Submitted a patch to bug 500004 to get drag and drop from the search messages window working again.
  • Filed and fixed bug 514735 -- include missing files in the Aero section of qute/
  • Working on bug 507593 right now.

last week:

  • driving
  • blockers
  • faceting UI

this week:

  • quick trip to MV
  • driving
  • blockers
  • blocker coding work
  • code reviews
  • Reviews & Driving
  • Reworked the Release check list page to make it clearer and easier to use.
  • bug 510378 Landed parts so that satchel is enabled on trunk (waiting approval for trunk)
  • bug 511242 We now include nsBrowserStatusFilter in the build on trunk. This will pave the way for content tabs to have busy indications (and possibly favicons) in bug 511240
  • bug 499306 Backend for retention-policy UI not initialized, tangled with XUL code
  • bug 508381 Multiple failed login attempts when IMAP password is changed, even after clear of saved password.
  • bug 463155 Add video/audio controls to message context menu, since the regular controls depend on JavaScript.
  • Reviews and Driving
  • Bullet proof top-crasher in nsMsgSearchSession::GetNextUrl,bug 492429
  • Fix xlist listing of folders not to assume hierarchy delimiter, bug 493455
  • Fix crash in getAvailable by not calling it for matchAll search terms, bug 511131
  • Fixed bug 497059, shutdown imap connections on quit-application-granted notification, or last mail window is closed (except for SM and Mac), and don't try to run any more imap urls after that. Should help with shutdown hangs.
  • Make os search integration use filtered db enumerator, gets rid of js gc hangs after being idle bug 505309
  • Override cert exception dialog on imap/pop3 urls w/o msg window, bug 493980
  • Fixed SSPI auth issue.
  • getting ready for release automation for beta 4

last week:

  • driving
  • header ui
  • autoconfig

this week:

  • driving
  • header ui
  • autoconfig

SM 1.1.18 released SM 2.0b2 out for QA, hope release this week


Last week

  • Launch prep: web site content, pr kit

This week

  • Beta 4 work.
  • Continuing launch prep work.
  • PR meeting w/ Euro team.
  • Last week:
    • Faceting testing and feedback
    • feedback to mozilla-qa about litmus 2
  • upcoming week
    • Test day
    • Release testing.
  • Last week:
    • Vista and gnomestripe account central icons bug 512460
    • Gloda faceting mockups and css
    • Quick account setup work
  • This week:
    • Gloda faceting mockups and css
    • Quick account setup work
    • Vista theme work
    • Tags css fixes (if I can find the bug) :)

Last week:

This week:


Last week:

  • moved one page (menu) of support content from to
  • more GS backlog reduction
  • some gloda testing on holiday weekend

This week:

  • finish move of support content from to
  • more GS How Tos - try to document as many ways for people to help as possible
  • formal support plan - really get draft up on wiki this week
  • more gloda testing using html email this week
  • evaluation of SUMO as Knowledge base for (with gozer's ongoing help)


davida, dmose, standard8, bienvenu, gozer, clarkbw, beckley, KaiRo, rebron, Tsk, andreasn, bwinton, roland