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Thunderbird Meeting Details :


Action Items



  • Planning for a dry-run security firedrill build
    • Fire drill itself expected to happen after code freeze


Thunderbird 3 Developer Update

  • There will be a build 2 of RC 1.
    • Remaining code blockers ready to land waiting for tree to re-open following planned downtime of
    • Once blockers have landed we can start automation.

QA Updates

_Going on_ :

Testing of RC1 going strong - we've reached 90% test coverage on the largest tests sets. Results are visible at <>. Missing tests are related to Proxies. The QA team is busy following bugs and test results as well as testing. The team would like to thank all the people who signed in and are participating or will participate.

_This week_ :

Focus is going to be on testing RC1/build2 and following bug reports. So our focus is going to be on litmus, build2 and bugzilla.

_Crash stats_ :

No stats this week as rc1 is unreleased. We would like to note that some people are crashing while sending emails, or are having issues with nightlies and sending emails. This is likely due to an api change in TB that affects enigmail - if you are using enigmail please update to the latest nightly which fixes the issue.

Marketing Updates

IT update


  • sick last week

In Progress



  1. Top 5 GS Thunderbird 2 Support Topics (code in progress: ) basically the same as last week
    1. Cannot send email (ongoing issue with 2 AT&T Yahoo customers, no pattern, other AT&T Yahoo customers fine!)
    2. Cannot receive email
    3. migration to Vista and Windows 7 from XP - need to write a KB article for this
    4. email lost (fixed by compacting folders and deleting .msf)
    5. importing address books - need to write a KB article for this
  2. Thunderbird 3 Beta Top Support Issues (starting to monitor to see what we can improve for post 3.0)
    1. 2 reports of not being able to send or receive email when upgrading to TB 3 RC1 Build 1 non en-US version e.g. GB- fixed by copying signons.sqlite
  3. SUMO for MoMo tracker ticket:, TB3 Global Database KB
    1. theme work slowed because gozer was sidetracked into RC1 build work, looking to make much more progress this week
    2. Lightning Docs wiki page created with rough list of topics
  4. Key Support stats from the following graphic:
    1. approximately 25/ day (176/7, slightly higher than last week if we subtract the Raindrop topics)
    2. total new topics:176 total replies: 64 (Ruby Code)
      1. date:20091110 #new support topics:20 resolved: 9
      2. date:20091111 #new support topics:29 resolved: 3
      3. date:20091112 #new support topics:28 resolved: 3
      4. date:20091113 #new support topics:24 resolved: 5
      5. date:20091114 #new support topics:13 resolved: 7
      6. date:20091115 #new support topics:13 resolved: 0
      7. date:20091116 #new support topics:1 resolved: 10
    3. #replies from non MoMo folks: 103 from pasa (many were about his problems but some helped others and welcome!), 8 from from gyurrika (thanks!) MoMo folks: 1 from Wayne Mery (thanks) 38 from Roland (down because I was sick for 2 days), Bienvenu 11 (thanks!), 3 from Standard8 (thanks), 7 from Kent James (thanks) 2 from Lighning team (thanks!)
    4. happiness metric: API doesn't have happiness emotitags, asked GS staff about that, code in progress:, manual happiness metric = 64 - 38 = 26 (26 last week), 33 Hendrix messages (generally Hendrix messages are unhappy but this week we had 3 happy messages) - bug to track down Hendrix for Thunderbird 3 and get rid of it as much as possible

10-16Nov2009-Community stats for Mozilla Messaging.png


Status Updates

  • Last Week
    • Driving
    • Reviews
    • A11y/message header work
    • misc catchup
  • This Week
    • Roadmap work
    • Reviews
  • Reviews and Driving
  • fix move/copy file menu not to allow move/copies to virtual folders, servers and other canFile==false folders, 3.0 and trunk bug 528690
  • Fixed bug 527679 gloda indexing does not properly handle undone message deletions, 3.0 and trunk, with secret help from Asuth.
  • Fixed bug 527836 - imap not setting public namespace from prefs correctly, 3.0 and trunk.
  • Stop imap code touching prefs service off the ui thread bug 83489, trunk only
  • Landed last fixes for bug 518678, fix copy chaining to same folder in copycompleted notification, and add unit test that asserts w/o fix, trunk only.
  • Started looking at trunk regressions.
  • Started thinking about TB 3.1
  • Build
    • TB 3.0 RC1 Build1
    • Lightning trunk builds
    • Packaged gcc-4.3.3 and upgraded the linux slave to the Linux refplatform v20
  • Web
    • Met with the TikiWiki folks at TikiFest4 - Montreal
    • Working with Gary@tiki to get more work done on the theme for SuMoMo
    • STB security updates
    • Tinderbox Pushlog updates
  • Infrastructure
    • LAN hg.m.o mirror for the minis
  • Last Week
    • Sick
    • Vacation
  • This Week
    • Catch up on
      • ui-reviews
      • bugs
      • driving schedule
      • 3.1 roadmap
  • audited and cleaned up numerous crash bugs
  • began audit of sg/security bugs
  • filed crash & hang bugs:
    • bug 528843 crash [@ nsRefPtr<nsSpeculativeScriptThread>::assign_assuming_AddRef(nsSpeculativeScriptThread*)]
    • bug 528505 hang after starting 3.0rc1
    • bug 528368 crash during spell check [@ nsTextServicesDocument::IsBlockNode(nsIContent*)]
    • bug 528345 crash composing message [@ FindNextNonWhitespaceSibling]
    • bug 527801 startup crash [@ js_LockGlobal]
    • bug 526935 crash [@ nsMsgDBView::NoteChange(unsigned int, int, int)]
  • additional credits changes
  • spot checked SM mailnews bugs
  • set up bugzilla whine to monitor new crash bugs
  • RC1 work.
  • Working on PR contract for next few months, next year.
  • Got Windows 7 up and running.
  • Trying hard not to get sick.
  • Taking vacation day on Friday.

Next week

  • Website l10n driving.
  • Add-ons contest scoping.
  • working and following rc1.

Last week:

This week:

  • Upload sources to svn
  • More ISP:s to add (and get more people involved)
  • More polish

Last week:

This week:

  • Review some bugs.
  • Write some more code.
  • Continue to help students with ISPDB.
  • Fixed (or in-progress) MailNews Core bugs:
    • bug 521618 Port |Bug 520339 - Remove leftovers from MOZ_COMPONENTLIB| to comm-central
    • bug 522713 Port |Bug 448602 - Have a way to enumerate event listeners| to comm-central (apps)
    • bug 524349 Port |Bug 517417 - access violation: while compiling xulrunner tries to test for Mercurial repositories above its build dir| to comm-central
    • bug 459693 Eliminate nsFileSpec and nsIFileSpec (references) from MailNews
    • bug 521624 Port |Bug 517355 - Restore OJI, Liveconnect and the JEP on the 1.9.2 branch on OS X| to comm-central (apps)
  • No Beta blocker bugs left (1 checkin open), waiting for the remaining locales until Nov 21st.
  • Will release 1.0b1rc1 shortly after
  • Working on buildbot part of making nightlys localized (bug 346278)
  • Might need some help with the release engineering part of our beta release.