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Thunderbird Meeting Details :

Remember to use headphones and mute yourself when not talking

Feel free to ask questions in the meeting either by speaking up or by asking them in #maildev on IRC.

Other ways to get in touch with us can be found on our communications page

Meeting Changes

Critical Issues

  • No major issues in 17 - 17.0.2 is a lot more stable it seems


  • Mozilla-central's Removal of RDF is no concern - cause it will take some time and they will let us still build it
  • NSISupportsArray removal - seems to be progressing slowly. Aceman working on it to remove some of them. (Actually it is progressing quite fine since the moment any bug is filed for nsISupportsArray removal. Just that none were filed till I filed some.)
  • Build system changes in mozilla-central : rewritting the build system from the ground up.
  • Stability of 24
    • Can we land big changes before 21? for long enough usage?
    • How many people on beta/aurora? Numbers to come later.
    • Chat about big features before they land if we're getting near to 24
    • Ludovic will work on crowd testing aboud 22/23

Action Items

  • Standard8: Update Wiki status meeting page with calendar link
  • Standard8: Document flags to tb-planning
  • Standard8: Follow up with metric numbers being public
  • Look into having the notes blogged

Friends of the Tree

Thanks to our Friend of the Tree. When adding someone to this section, please get their T-Shirt size, phone number (needed for shipping!) and send it to that she can send them a shirt!

Status Updates

  • Irving:
    • Not much going on for backend work
    • dataloss work - nervous about some config file corruptions
    • What are the bugs :
      • Still some loss from compact
      • 4GB Bug 789679 - Warning after reaching 4GB of folder size (even though bug 462665 was changed
  • kent:
    • How keys are handled for big folders - so it seems to be fixed
      • Keys were equal to 32-bit offset. Hard to make 64-bit.
      • It's easier to get large mbox than maildir - next is figuring out what version is easier to ship sad cause maildir is looking like 90% done but needing some engineering push ,Irving?  ;)
    • 30 hours a week on TB mainly for exchange support - should be released this year.
    • the list bug -
      1. large folder - should be doable before 24 and that's all the resource I have.
      2. maildir
      3. async database
  • Aceman:
  • I have nothing big for now. I'm waiting for some reviews from bwinton, hopefully he comes back. And I'd welcome review in bug 807848 (could be for 17.0.x).
  • Continuing polishing account manager+tests and removing nsISupportsArray.
  • question: what to do with the list of contributors I've collected? Can we publish it/link from the main TB wiki now?
    • Yes!
  • Mconley
    • Ensemble (New Address Book Initiative)
      • Found out that somebody landed a really excellent Sqlite.jsm module that allows me to read / write to sqlite databases with promises. ( I've torn out my SQLite adapter, and starting using this instead. Still repairing after this.
    • Not much activity over the holidays beyond this. I was hoping to have something flashy and visual to show you by now, but no dice. Activity will be picking up now that the holidays are over.
    • Working on this branch:
    • I have a review queue to eat through
  • Bwinton
    • Nothing to add.  ;)
    • (Okay, I'm really going to try to get to some of the backed up ui-review requests, but nothing other than that.)
    • Are you just doing UI-reviews : I'm far enough on reviews that yes it's what I going to work on. No coding for lack of time - when the review queue will be empty I'll go back to coding. (I'm also happy to work on stuff that isn't reviews, if people think it's higher-value!)
  • Wsmwk
    • High memory usage report that end up going incomplete :
    • what tools should we use to get more data :
      • Dark matter detector might be one Bug 823641
      • are people using leakage addon ? doesn't work anymore
      • Interested because the changes in Core - and instrument why memory issues are coming or not in the next couple of months.
  • Usul
    • Still need to organize a day using moztrap and see how it works
    • Following bugzilla much less. cc him if you need comments.
    • Need to communicate how to use flags to help bugzilla managers.
      • email to tb-planning.
      • People should raise tracking-thunderbird-x.x? flags.
  • Jhopkins
  • bug 825630 - Build Thunderbird 17.0.3 using mock
  • bug 827354 - rebuild mock gcc with --disable-gnu-unique-object
  • bug 815302 - [tracking] Build Thunderbird ESR and Mainline from a single repo
    • patch needs testing in staging
  • florian
    • last few weeks have been quiet for chat dev
    • chat patches (especially IRC) need to be merged from Instantbird
    • One concern about chat participant out of sync (bug 790539)
      • need ways to reproduce
      • florian will try patching bug 791199, that may fix the issue, and should also slightly improve performances
  • clokep
    • Been cleaning up minor IRC issues (in Instantbird repo)
    • Need to merge IRC code to get SASL support into Thunderbird (required for freenode on some IPs)
    • Would like a public server with a bad cert to test the chat bad cert handling code
    • Started some basic work on supporting OSCAR in JavaScript over the holidays
    • Wrote a blog post about how typed arrays kind of suck

Roundtable Highlights


Usul, rtanglao, mconley, irving, standard8, jhopkins, florian, kent, bwinton,aceman hearing but no mic currently, wsmwk