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  • TB 17 was released on Tuesday November 20, 2012
  • TB 17.0.2 was released on Tuesday January 8, 2013
  • TB 17.0.3 was released morning (Pacific time) of Tuesday February 19, 2013
  • TB 17.0.4 was released security release was released March 11, 2013
  • TB 17.0.5 regular bug fix release was released April 2, 2013
  • TB 17.0.6 regular bug fix release was released May 14, 2013

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Thunderbird 17.0 issues

Please add any issues to this page using the tagging convention from the TB17 Support Day Etherpad.

Fixed in 17.0.2

(to be released on January 8, 2013, there is no TB 17.0.1 because the Thunderbird team decided not to issue a Thunderbird 17.0.1 (unlike FF who released a FF 17.0.1) so Thunderbird skips to TB 17.0.2)

  1. Titlebar is same colour as background and is therefore illegible: screenshot: SWhAdDNLMG5zdGFuVGlWekdqTjeBgAVyo-SQT_18cpnH0MV5o54JsyyoovYTIHayaPWAZLvBjIk4g1QnWe5hng==.png bug 813638 - Andy Townsend claims this bug is present in Windows 7 64 bit: However I don't see it in Windows 8 64 bit so I am going to assume Andy is mistaken and it's XP only - Workaround: set mail.tabs.drawInTitlebar to false - UPDATE 11 December 2012 - Looks like a fix for this will be in Thunderbird 17.0.2 to be released on January 8, 2013.
  2. bug 767897 - Change access key of joinChatMenuItem to 't' from 'o'
  3. bug 798663 - Should use presence of X-GM-EXT-1 capability to identify Gmail IMAP server
  4. bug 812130 - Increase the account provisioner timeout to greater than the server timeout
  5. bug 805626 - when going back to online mode, drafts saved while in offline mode are deleted, critical data loss
  6. bug 471492 - crash [@ nsImapMailFolder::CopyMessagesOffline(nsIMsgFolder*, nsIArray*, int, nsIMsgWindow*, nsIMsgCopyServiceListener*)] when moving/deleting/copying many messages
  7. bug 815012 - Mail messages corrupt after running filters
  8. bug 762594 - Prompts to save unmodified message forward draft
  9. bug 812101 - Account provisioner: First search with both Gandi & Hover checked, fails most of the time
  10. bug 805185 - Multiple Message Windows on Windows XP and 7; not sure this is a real bug since there are no steps to reproduce it consistently, [GS] - WORKAROUND- try Thunderbird safe mode and if that doesn't work delete session.json
  11. bug 814630 - Thunderbird 17.0 closes all windows if multiple are opened - WORKAROUND - Alt F4 on Windows to close all but one of the message windows - not sure if this is related to the next bug, i.e. bug 805185

Fixed in 17.0.3

  1. Can't remove attachment with keyboard in forwarded e-mail
  2. security fixes

Fixed in 17.0.5

  1. bug 824926 - Relative font size doesn't handle nested font size tags correctly

Not so minor

(not in order)

  1. {Bug|812923}} - Dragging a huge number of messages onto a folder freezes TB even BEFORE dropping - FIXED in TB24 as part of TB23 beta cycle
  2. bug 824924 - Extra font size tag added after typing a line break and text
  3. bug 816028 - LIST (SUBSCRIBED) command to Zimbra server with shared folders causes crash in Zimbra and results in disconnection from server - affects all Mozilla employees since Mozilla is one of the many users of Zimbra!
  4. bug 645771 and bug 806090 - When composing a plaintext email in a narrower window, when line wrapping a paragraph, Thunderbird appears to be erroneously deleting spaces at end of line which results in sender receiving an email with spaces missing. Note that bug 645771 is 1 year old and bug 806090 dates back to Thunderbird 16 so this is probably NOT a TB 17 specific issue (brought to my attention by Cheng Wang of the SUMO team).
  5. bug 801400 - Font size change/increase Thunderbird crashes @ _chkstk
  6. bug 814414 - Menu entries for chat still shown in AppMenu when set to false - Looks like this will be fixed in TB17.0.1 to be released on January 8, 2013
  7. bug 814785 - Top bar of tab bar is white for 0.5 seconds when using Windows 8 High Contrast White Theme
  8. FIXED in Gecko aka Mozilla 21 which means it will be general release as part of Thunderbird 24 bug 812638 - Thunderbird is inserting random and incorrect (font size="3") tags in the middle of words throughout my email message - This manifests itself as broken spellcheck.
  9. Thunderbird theme that ships with Thunderbird 17 is fine on Windows 7, Windows 8 and Vista, however Thunderbird 17 work to add the Thunderbird Menu Button broke some third party themes such as: Classic TB2 theme, Office Black, Phoenity
  10. bug 803460 - Mcafee, crashes and performance issues caused by (awaiting McAfee release)
  11. Theme related bugs in Windows XP:


The following is an incomplete list of add-ons that have issues in Thunderbird 17. Please add to this list add-ons that have issues and if you find an add-on has been updated and works with Thunderbird, please strike it out using <del></del> (not in order,numbered for convenience)

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