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Thunderbird Meeting Details :

Remember to use headphones and mute yourself when not talking

Feel free to ask questions in the meeting either by speaking up or by asking them in #maildev on IRC.

Other ways to get in touch with us can be found on our communications page

Meeting Changes


rkent, mconley, RealRaven, aceman, jcranmer, dlech, irving, wsm, JosiahOne

Current status and discussions

Making metrics public has no change from last meeting, ie need to hear if Standard8 every heard of approvals to move this forward.

We need an update from Patrick Cloke on his talks with Mossop

New release being rolled out, with improvements to new Twitter API

We believe that Ben Kerensa is still waiting for access to the accounts.

Should we make jcranmer a peer of a broader range of modules? mconley supports this, rkent suggested it.

rkent's governance discussion:

Nobody is leading the strategic view of Thunderbird

No one is disagreeing; but its not clear we need to escape the module ownership governance system

de facto is that everything goes by Standard8

What is the commentary about Thunderbird within Mozilla? irving and mconley haven't heard anything

The level of support we get from Mozilla--irving is just having enough time for reviews

Accomplishment--we are maintaining a static product, which wasn't clear would be true a year ago

Maybe we need a council?

aceman and mconley requested that rkent prepare a proposal to be sent to tb-planning on this

Action items from last meetings

(CLOSED) Standard8: Look into having the notes blogged

They are blogged:

Added to a few weeks back

(???) Standard8: Document flags to tb-planning

(???) Standard8: Follow up with metric numbers being public

This should be happening soon, work has been done, waiting for final approvals

(2013-05-14) Move http.jsm into toolkit? Maybe? clokep will talk to Mossop about that.

XULRunner based TB / IB? Kinda.... people have been fiddling with it. Might as well land the module in XULRunner as well.

Waiting to hear back from Mossop again (I think), will ping him again soon. clokep had a discussion with mconley and #instantbird about potentially moving FileLink into chat/ if FileLink in IM was accepted as a GSoC project.

Contacted Mossop again about how to proceed or whether he's waiting for more information from mconley or clokep.

(2013-04-02) Investigating possibilities for dropping second ESR release channel whilst maintaining mainstream the same as the ESR releases.

(2013-04-02) Standard8: arrange for swag to be sent to WADA and aryx who are our awesome FotT.

(2013-04-02) Where is Ben Kerensa? (on IRC :-P) - he should come to these meetings. :)

Ben Kerensa sent out some mail to tb-planning with an update.

Critical Issues


Round Table


As usual, I've been absolutely inundated with day-job work. Things are going to only get worse for the next few months as Australis for Firefox approaches landability.

I've reviewed some GSoC proposals and have been in touch with gerv and florian on how to proceed.

My queue is getting longer and longer. :( I'm sorry for the people who are waiting, I've had no free evenings in the past little while. Hopefully later this week I can take out a few.


Reviewing GSoC proposals right now

Keeping an eye on the migrations

Key build system bugs: bug 870565 (should fix issues like "I need to clobber to add a new IDL file"), bug 869635 (Eliminate xpcshell build system aggravation)

Please review my patches! I want to try to get the header parsing into TB 24 (6 weeks away)


usul has an announcment planned for testing beta 22 for next week


ExQuilla was fully released by AMO a few weeks ago, so Thunderbird can claim to have native support for the Exchange EWS protocol. My goal though is to begin some sort of pay model along with Thunderbird 24 release.

I have a couple of new filter contexts (periodic and archive) held by reviews. What about 'on send'? That is more difficult as there is no message header for the new message, but a periodic filter on the Sent folder can function as a substitute.

Many months ago, I asked for two things that never happened. The requests still stand:

1. Provide public access to the daily usage data for Thunderbird

2. Provide some sort of information to people about the financial resources available to Thunderbird. This was supposedly to be devoted to "engagement" but an attempt at an engagement event by BenB died for lack of funding (or was it lack of interest? Don't think so)

Overall, my opinions have not changed much since the summit. Namely, I think that the current module-based governance system is inadequate, particularly for example as it underweights inputs from people like wsm and aceman. I really think that Thunderbird would be better served by a governance team (Committee?) that has broader representation. Heck, even my Scottish Country Dance class has a team to plan dances. Who is supposed to plan our dances?


Happy that bug 640371 finally landed. I can now work on further support of >4GB mbox folders, or at least fortifying the boundary better.

The only bug I'd really like to get into TB24 is bug 389139. Can anybody help with it?

Can jcranmer and mconley tell how many applicants are actually interested in the TB GSoC projects? Please write the answers...

about a dozen (for each of the projects?) overall

Question Time

rkent: can it be called "native" Exchange support when it is in an extension?

The "native" is from the perspective of native Exchange, not "native" Thunderbird. It's not "native" Thunderbird - it's "native" Exchange.

rkent: your ideas are good, but how could the 'board/committee' enforce the decisions? As almost nobody is 'staff' now.

I don't think "enforcement" is the problem, I think "leadership" is the problem. Nobody has a big stick to beat us with - it comes down to being a community, and having a shared-enough understanding of what our goals are, and we buy in.

rkent: can you produce a written proposal of what the board would do and how?

To wsmwk: how about your "The List" update?

Should TestPilot still be shipped with TB? Never seen any study. (only problems:))

TestPilot as it currently lives is probably going away. :/ There's been a bunch of work on TestPilot2, but it's not a reality yet. I wouldn't want to say, "Let's tear this all out" without having some conversations. The chances of anything really interesting happening with it are quite low at this point.

Action Items

Community as a whole: Decide "who is supposed to plan our dances?"

rkent: Send a proposal to tb-planning