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Thunderbird Meeting Details :

Remember to use headphones and mute yourself when not talking

Feel free to ask questions in the meeting either by speaking up or by asking them in #maildev on IRC.

Other ways to get in touch with us can be found on our communications page

Meeting Changes


aceman, clokep, jcranmer, mconley, mkmelin, rolandtanglao, rkent, JosiahOne, sshagarwal

Action items from last meetings

  • [Standard8] mconley nominates Chiaki Ishikawa for friend of the tree. Swag?
  • [Standard8] Are WADA and Aryx from previous nomination covered already?
    • I sent mail for both of these, but I think Standard8 is traveling.

Friends of the tree

  • rkent nominates jcranmer for nearly getting the tree green

Current status and discussions

Critical Issues

  • Roland: no support issues as far as i can tell (other than gmail condstore and other known issues)
  • mconley: add-on reviews seem to be quite behind.


Round Table

  • mconley
  • clokep
    • Quentin Headen has finished up his GSoC -- Yahoo chat protocol
    • Currently merging Instantbird changes into c-c in bug 920801
      • Invalid cert handling
      • Yahoo prpl
      • Better character counting in Twitter, IRC
  • jcranmer
    • Awaiting review from Neil on several JSMime patches
    • Planning for EAI and IDN
  • JosiahOne
    • Continuing to knock out theme bugs
    • Animated TB tabs are almost done, just waiting on review.
  • rkent
    • Exquilla is fully out and working reasonably well! (Using TB as an email-client for Exchange Web Services).
      • The hacks are incredible. [mconley says] You have no idea what kind of hacks rkent has to do. They're unreal. rkent wants to reduce the number of hacks that he has to use in order to reduce fragility.
      • [mconley says] rkent would like to be able to use a separate database for message storage, because Mork is insanity.
      • [mconley says] rkent thinks TB needs sources of monetization. irving loves to work for free, but some of us like to be paid, so that's what I am working on, to monetize Exquilla.
  • aceman
    • Working to fix breakages that are candidates for TB 24.0.1, e.g. bug 922614, bug 882901, bug 921410.

Question Time

  • [jcranmer]: With Thunderbird 31 it makes sense to have some kind of new feature that we can put into the What's New page that is easily visible to users. What feature is this?
    • [jcranmer]: Internationalized email addresses? [aceman says] What is not working with them? There were some patches in the past to allow sending to IDN I think (ask mkmelin). (but only email addresses, not server hostnames).
    • [jcranmer]: new addressbook?
    • [jcranmer]: Recording a video message, and sending it through external file storage service as a link (like Filelink)
    • [jcranmer]: OTR chat
  • [jcranmer says] Wanted to talk with asuth and squib about making Gaia email client and Thunderbird share more code. Will send email this afternoon.
  • [rkent]: When is the information going to be publicly available for TB usage

Action Items

  • mconley
    • Thunderbird usage data isn't public. Standard8 was tasked with getting that information released. What's the status on that?