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Thunderbird Meeting Details :

Remember to use headphones and mute yourself when not talking

Feel free to ask questions in the meeting either by speaking up or by asking them in #maildev on IRC.

Other ways to get in touch with us can be found on our communications page

Meeting Changes


clokep (incoming audio only), jcranmer, paenglab (no mic), aceman, mconley, mkmelin, irving, usul, bkerensa, rolandtanglao, wsmwk, sshagarwal

Action items from last meetings

  • [Standard8] Are WADA, Aryx, Chiaki Ishikawa and jcranmer from previous nomination covered already for swag?
    • [mconley says] I've pinged Standard8 on this as well, waiting for response.
  • [mconley]
    • Thunderbird usage data isn't public. Standard8 was tasked with getting that information released. What's the status on that?
      • Metrics says there's a "metrics-thunderbird-reports" mailing list that gets reports, but I haven't had any luck Googling this or finding it in the mailing list list. Has anybody heard of this? I've needinfo'd them for more data on it.
        • Can volunteer contributors be added to the metrics-thunderbird-reports list? That's the whole POINT of this.

Friends of the tree

  • clokep nominates JosiahOne for his work on modernizing the TB UI.

Current status and discussions

Critical Issues

  • Roland: no support issues as far as i can tell (other than gmail condstore and other known issues)
  • mconley: add-on reviews seem to be quite behind.


Round Table

  • clokep
    • Still working on the chat merge from IB->c-c
    • Been discussing with various groups about OTR
      • The "Tor people" are interested in a Tor IM client to go with their Tor Browser & Tor Email, OTR is a requirement: <-- their plan
        • Hopefully they'll provide extra eyes over our implementation
        • Have someone interested in doing the UI (for Instantbird, I assume we can easily port it to TB)
    • I have a picture of the TB people at the Summit, I can forward originals if anyone wants
    • Discussed DNS SRV with Patrick McManus at the Summit
      • He said he's going to look at it again "soon"
  • jcranmer
    • Summit 2013! Participated in discussions related to OTR, DNS SRV/TXT/etc., S/MIME, WebCrypto, Ensemble and learned a lot of stuff, not all of it good news
      • ddahl was going to implement WebCrypto in Mozilla, but left
      • There seems to be some support for certificate-related APIs, but focus is on basic crypto for now
    • Discussing with Andris and Andrew Sutherland about JS MIME parsing, appears to be a rough consensus on working together towards a single JS MIME library
    • Episode 2 of Why Email is Hard is now out! :-)
  • JosiahOne
    • Summit!
    • Finishing up the animated TB tabs
    • Have been reorganizing the images inside /theme
    • Now a theme peer!
      • So now doing CSS-based reviews
      • In addition, I will start doing minor ui-reviews. bwinton will still handle the larger changes.
  • Paenglab
    • Working on bug 925746 - Option to Open the Preferences in a Tab.
  • aceman
    • regression bug 922614 on the way to TB24.0.2, bug 921371 and bug 921410 (invalid Local directory) progressing
  • sshagarwal
    • working on the status messages (meta bug 66860), recipient columns (bug 522886), attachment reminder (bug 521158) and OTR (bug 779052)
  • mconley
    • Plowing through my review queue. All review requests < 1 week old now!
  • bkerensa
    • Call for weekly add-on blog post out and will restart weekly across social media channels start this Friday.
    • Working to continue follower growth across all social media channels (17,327 Facebook, 745 Twitter, 419 Google+)
    • Working with Marketing/Design to see about Thunderbird banner for each Social Media channel.

Question Time

  • [aceman]: Where was the out of cycle release of TB24.0.1 communicated beforehand?
    • [mconley says] It was announced in tb-drivers, where we should probably have more people.


  • [jcranmer] Video chat might be a real possibility in TB - we support webRTC
    • [Standard8 says] Take a look @ talkilla as well
  • [wsmwk] Start-up performance issues being reported, some might be related to McAfee, some maybe not...keep an eye out for that.
    • [sshagarwal says] ya we need it for bug 899913 (TB startup) too.
  • [wsmwk] Even though we've put out a point release and we haven't seen any huge issues yet, keep on your toes.

Action Items

  • [mconley] Can volunteer contributors be added to the metrics-thunderbird-reports list? That's the whole POINT of this.