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Thunderbird Meeting Details :

Remember to use headphones and mute yourself when not talking

Feel free to ask questions in the meeting either by speaking up or by asking them in #maildev on IRC.

Other ways to get in touch with us can be found on our communications page

Meeting Changes


aceman, clokep, jcranmer, JosiahOne, sshagarwal, mconley, Paenglab, Fallen

Action items from last meetings

  • [Standard8] Are WADA, Aryx, Chiaki Ishikawa, JosiahOne and jcranmer from previous nomination covered already for swag?
    • Standard8 is on it, but needs to dig through some info in his inbox.
  • [mconley]
    • Thunderbird usage data isn't public. Standard8 was tasked with getting that information released. What's the status on that?
      • Metrics is still needinfo'd on getting non-staff community added to usage metrics report emails

Friends of the tree

Current status and discussions

Critical Issues

  • [rkent] Binary add-on issue with TB 24?
    • jcranmer and irving suggest speaking with Fallen - they suspect this is fixed.
    • The builds that came out for 24.1 timeframe release did not fix the bug that rkent is talking about - but extra numbers have been added to AMO to mark compatibility (you'll need to do rebuilds to side-step the compat issue).


Round Table

  • jcranmer
    • Working on converting JSMime into a separate repository (thanks to James Burke for being patient with me and my packaging issues!)
      • The separate repository will be JSMime 0.2, as I have decided to rework the API to be more idiot-proof
      • Tests are now up-to-date for comm-central, need to port tests for RFC 2047 and address header encoding/decoding
      • Not announcing this more widely public yet, since the conversion process is very messy and I want to embed reviews from the start.
    • Alder is now reserved for the final stages of ccrework, and I should be in contact with releng on getting this done.
    • Some minor build-engineering work with conversions or ontology
    • Still awaiting review from Neil.
  • JosiahOne (No outgoing audio)
    • Been busy with exams last week, so I didn't accomplish as much as I wished.
    • I have started re-organizing the directory/file/image structure inside themes/.
    • I plan to create a shared themes directory similar to Firefox unless the build peers/owners are against it.
    • Waiting on review from Mike Conley for the animated thunderbird tabs.
  • clokep
    • Still working on the IB->c-c chat/ update, waiting on reviews from Florian now.
    • Was at the GSoC Mentors Summit
      • A lot of people told me they were happy we are still working on Thunderbird!
      • A lot of people thought Thunderbird had been killed -> more on this in my blog post
  • mconley
    • Patch to allow us to use nsIPermissionManager to store mail content preferences is up for review. \o/
    • I wrote some mail to tb-planning about the AMO to Marketplace move, and what that means for Thunderbird (and SeaMonkey).
    • Did more reviews, but they're starting to stack up again
  • Paenglab
    • Waiting for feedback from mconley for bug 925746

Question Time

  • [clokep] Do we still need to use tb-planning? I'm STILL moderated on it after an insane amount of time using it.
    • Can we switch back to using m.d.a.thunderbird? If we have issues with "idiots", we can always moderate it. (I want my nntp back.)
    • Alternately, can we freely give out posting privileges to people.


Action Items

  • [mconley] Ask jorgev if Marketplace merge would accept patches to make Thunderbird work there...
  • [mconley] Can we pull jb into this AMO discussion? Can we get an advocate higher up the Mozilla-chain? jb+gerv?
  • [mconley] Talk to bwinton and see if we can get "the regulars" whitelisted on tb-planning.