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Thunderbird meeting notes 2014-08-28 Today's minutes taker, please don't forget to : - save etherpad before clearing for this meeting, if etherpad wasn't previously cleared (but copy "Action items" to the top before clearing) - after end of meeting, copy entire etherpad contents to a new dated wiki page on so that they will go public in the meeting notes blog. - save etherpad, copy "Action items" to "Action items from last meetings", and clear the rest of etherpad comments


  • wsmwk, irving, jcranmer, florian, mconley, rkent, rtanglao, mhoye, mkmelin, marcoagpinto

Action items from last meetings

  • rkent and wsmwk to unblock / deal with bienvenu bugs

Friends of the tree

Current status and discussions

Critical Issues

Pending m-c Issues (bug 1054354)


Round Table



  • Did lots of chat check-ins! In particular, lots of IRC changes...let us know if you see issues!
  • Briefly talked to the Dark Mail guy again, apparently we keep missing each other on IRC (while I was on vacation last week) Do you have slides you can share?
  • Thunderbird Summit: Silence for two weeks from those who are following the attempts to release the funding for the event. Frustrating. I have two alternate important potential events that weekend that are currently waiting for this decision, others must also have issues. One thing I hope at least is clear: the current governance position of Thunderbird within Mozilla is untenable, when only Mitchell Baker has the authority to make decisions concerning Thunderbird.
    • mhoye was going to pound on this drum once a day for a week, and if we don't hear from upper management by then, then... well, we have our answer.
  • Thunderbird blog: With David Ascher's intervention, John Jensen (Manager of Metrics) has agreed to discuss access to Thunderbird usage data next week.
  • Marketing: I cleaned up a list of Thunderbird communication and marketing channels at in preparation for discussing access and content at each.
  • Big Picture. I believe that we are approaching an existential crisis, and we need to discuss approaches such as Can we agree that we are facing very serious challenges? Can we agree on who should be discussing this, when and where?


  • On reopening the tree:
    • Bug 1040009 landed (this changes install from $MOZ_OBJDIR/mozilla to $MOZ_OBJDIR)
    • Bug 1059511 (has patch, needs review) should fix builder issue fallout from bug 1040009
    • Bug 1058296 (make Lightning tests pass) has patch, needs review
    • Bug 1055759 (Fix non-OS X xpcshell tests) checked in, needs reconfig
    • Bug 1059551 (Mozilla-central broke us again) has patch, needs argument with reviewer
    • Bug ??????? (Fix OS X 10.6 mozmill tests) no bug filed yet? Prospectively investigating moving to mozharness - bug 1054308
    • Bug 1054738 (Fix OS X opt builds) needs patch
    • Bug 1041262 (xpcshell failures in unified complete) needs patch
      • Also affects aurora
    • Bug 1053761 (Fix L10n builds) Might resolve itself when bug 1059511 lands
    • Bug ??????? Lots of other xpcshell-test failures
    • Bug ??????? Lots of highly-frequent MozMill intermittent failures on Linux
  • Not mentioned: countless reviews, etc., for build system fixes and ports of m-c changes

Any help with fixing any of these will accelerate getting the tree back open again.


  • Holiday
  • Lots of tree fixing, buildbot patches
  • Release landings & merges & go to builds


  • Not had a chance to address my review queue for some time. Will hopefully get some time next week - this weekend is consumed by other things, and my evenings have been swamped.

Question Time

Support team


Action Items

  • rkent and wsmwk to unblock / deal with bienvenu bugs