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Thunderbird Marketing & Information Channels

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Here is what we should do to spread the word about Thunderbird.

Our message: Advantages of using Thunderbird

What are the values and benefits of Thunderbird? Why should I use it?

Our competitor is webmail, not Outlook. Describe why somebody who has never seen an email client should use it.

Talk with new (!) Thunderbird users that you converted, why they like Thunderbird. If there's one thing that many people mention, add it to the list.

New users

  • All accounts in one place, takes only seconds to check for new mails -- My non-tech friends were simply amazed how easy and fast that is compared to webmail. They LOVED it.
  • Own your mails, have everything on your computer (pendrive with portable version) -- works offline, security, provider closing etc.
  • Quicksearch
  • Free Software values: You own it. Freedom, security, privacy
  • Works nicely on slow or erratic networks

Geeky/advanced features

  • Addons: Hundreds of open source, high quality Addons to boost your productivity (list a few)
  • Chat: Built in, expandable Chat client for facebook, GTalk, Jabber, IRC
  • Tabbed Mail. Open an email for later use, Thunderbird remembers it
  • Integrated Calendar
  • HTML and CSS3 - use the latest layout features in you emails
  • Big file support out of the box
  • Customizable Interface (Theme Support)
  • Vibrant Help Community
  • Open Bug Database (none of the other competitors have this)
  • Encryption: GPG
  • Easy backup and restore

Make some webpages describing the above Make a draft on Wiki Revise

Regularly post new stuff

for normal users, not contributors Can teach existing users new tricks.


  • new developments in Thunderbird
  • Articles explaining useful (non-geek) features, one article per week
  • Featured Addon of the week
  • Youtube Channel "Thunderbird-workshop" shows how to use Tb and how Addons can make a difference


Make a nice layout for the above webpages This is for a web designer, different person from above, can be independent

Reach out: Find new user groups

  • Talk to mainstream press (Traditional PR work)
  • News regularly: (content from point 2 above, same content everywhere)
  • Encourage existing users to help friends to use Thunderbird (compare
  • Public Services (such as City and County Councils) could be convinced of the lower cost of ownership compared to Exchange, coupled with less lock-in into a particular back-end


in spreading the word. There needs to be somebody taking the initiative, but let everybody participate! The more minds the better.

Stuff from 2009

Website Plan

Web Site L10n Checklist - Pages that are included in Thunderbird, i.e. Thunderbird Start, Support pages, etc.

Start Page proposal - Thunderbird Start page.

Support proposal - Interim Thunderbird Support proposal.